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With enormous speed of technological advancements the new and exciting possibilities for education arise almost every month. In this blog we are trying to cover the most interesting topics that will shape future of modern, technology based educational publishing. Take a read of our latest EdTech articles to be up to date!

Digital education

The change of educational business model – when will digital master the print?

The question is no longer when but to what extent will the digital model dominate print in educational publishing.
June 20, 2022/by PawelJ
WCAG 2.1 and EEA

Are publishers ready to have a new accessible (e.g. WCAG 2.1) eContent until 2025?

Deadline is coming very quickly. From June 2025 all digital materials must be compliant with The European Accessibility Act requirements.
June 6, 2022/by PawelJ
SEN - Special Educational Needs and educational publishers

The essence of SEN for educational publishers

Children with disabilities are 42% less likely to have foundational reading and numeracy skills and are 49% more likely to have never attended school. Discover all about SEN, according to the latest world report and the way you can fill the educational materials gap.
April 22, 2022/by PawelJ
Adaptive learning

Adaptive Learning – the next generation of educational eContent

What is the importance of adaptive learning in the era of ubiquitous technology in schools and education systems? How to create and manage it?
February 24, 2022/by PawelJ
Interactive Biology eClasses

Best Interactive Biology eClasses – teacher’s testimonial

Read an opinion of a biology teacher about interactive eContent for teaching biology. What are the pros and cons of these digital materials from the teacher's perspective?
February 17, 2022/by PawelJ
Check the must-have list of features of the authoring tool

Authoring Tool Selection

Discover features that will replace a technological mess for ePublishing tranquility. Make a conscious strategic choice of authoring tools to strengthen your organization’s ecosystem.
December 1, 2021/by Ewa Siwek

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