• 50 main topics from Geography, Physics, Biology and Chemistry
  • 1030 fascinating, fully interactive charts
  • Top quality films, illustrations, 3D graphics, diagrams, simulations, AR elements and more
  • Easy to localize and adapt to any language (we support all the alphabets!)
  • Perfect to introduce a new topic, analyze an issue or explain the problem in a clear and captivating way
  • Use ICONS in the classroom or remotely, sharing the screen with your students on mCourser platform or in other tools like Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Geography content for K12


  • 80 topics on 327 interactive screens
  • 41 videos, 93 maps, 910 illustrations
  • films, animations and photographs showing various landscapes of the world with characteristic flora and fauna
  • presentations of natural processes and weather phenomena, pointing their causes and effects (e.g. tornados, tropical cyclones, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis)
  • explanations of issues of socio-economic, physical and political geography enriched with examples and statistical data
  • interactive maps and 3D graphics facilitating the perception of spatial relations, recognition of terrain forms, determination of geographical coordinates, the Earth movement and more

See the topics explored in ICONS: Geography

1. Earth’s lands and oceans
2. Landscapes of the world
3. Earth movements
4. Geographic coordinates
5. Relations between the elements of the geographical environment
6. Europe
7. Asia
8. Africa
9. North and South America
10. Australia and Oceania
11. Circumpolar areas

EXTRA: Topics that can be easily customized specifically to your country!

1. My region and “little homeland”
2. Map of your country
3. Landscapes of your country
4. The natural environment of your country
5. Neighbors of your country
6. Society and economy of your country

Number of interactive screens:



Demo coming soon!

Demo coming soon!

Physics interactive content for K12


  • 80 topics on 197 interactive screens
  • clear presentations of definitions, formulas, diagrams and charts
  • step-by-step example calculations
  • 13 simulations showing how the change of conditions and data affects the course and result of the presented phenomena
  • 42 animations and 10 films showing physical phenomena and conducted experiments
  • 595 illustrations and photographs for better understanding of physics in theory and everyday life

See the topics explored in ICONS: Physics

1. Movement
2. Forces
3. Energy
4. Thermal phenomena
5. Properties of matter
6. Hydrostatics and aerostatics
7. Electrostatics
8. Electric current
9. Magnetism
10. Oscillation and waves
11. Optics
12. Electromagnetic waves
13. The world of physics

Number of interactive screens:


Is the Earth a big magnet?

Demo coming soon!

Demo coming soon!

Biology interactive content for K12


  • 80 topics on 321 interactive screens
  • 812 illustrations and photographs, including examples of organisms from all kingdoms and pictures in macro and micro techniques, exploring elements invisible to the naked eye
  • interactive resources explaining the structure of organisms, presenting even the smallest elements of plants, animals, viruses, fungi and bacteria
  • 7 simulations developing the skills of performing experiments and observing the scientific method
  • 10 3D graphics presenting reconstructions of medical imaging, the anatomy of human body and intracellular structures
  • 24 videos showing animals and plants in their natural habitats, including unique footage recorded in the natural habitats of numerous bird species

See the topics explored in ICONS: Biology

1. Biology as a science field
2. Cell structure and functioning
3. Chemistry of life
4. Bacteria, viruses, protists and fungi
5. Plant kingdom
6. Animal kingdom
7. Human organism
8. Genetics
9. Ecology
10. Environmental protection

Number of interactive screens:


Variety of mammals

Ecosystem transformations

Influence of light on photosynthesis

Chemistry interactive content for K12


  • 80 topics on 185 interactive screens
  • diagrams, models, formulas and presentations
  • Three-dimensional, rotating models of molecules for a closer look and deeper understanding
  • 12 simulations showing how the change of conditions or data affects the course and result of presented processes
  • 33 animations and 30 videos showing real chemical reactions occurring in the laboratory and your surroundings
  • 471 illustrations and photographs for better understanding of chemistry in theory and everyday life

See the topics explored in ICONS: Chemistry

1. Matter
2. The internal structure of matter
3. Chemical reactions
4. Gases
5. Aqueous solutions
6. Hydroxides and acids
7. Salts
8. Hydrocarbons
9. Derivatives of hydrocarbons
10. Organic chemical compounds of biological importance (proteins, sugars, fats)

Number of interactive screens:


Demo coming soon!

Demo coming soon!

Demo coming soon!

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