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mAuthor is a powerful authoring tool and a cloud-based eContent Development Platform designed to meet all the specific needs of educational publishers. It’s an award-winning and proven by the most known publishers solution – created by experts with more than 30 years of experience in the EdTech industry.

mAuthor is the tool to create interactive educational content, digitize textbooks for K-12 and design modern and accessible education.

Flexible and convenient SaaS model

No need for installation or local hosting. mAuthor is a fully cloud-based authoring tool delivered and licensed in the Software-as-a-Service model. It allows us to deliver not only undisrupted service but also provides the necessary flexibility to scale up the mAuthor service along with the growing needs of development teams.

Great results with minimum effort

Working with mAuthor is based on a visual editor. It’s that simple! What You See Is What You Get approach makes the designing work quick and accurate, letting you focus on key aspects and features of your project. Our authoring tool lets you create highly interactive content and has built-in adaptive learning features.

Over 150 ready-made modules

In an extensive library of mAuthor’s content, you will find highly parameterized modules with ready-to-use interactive resources, games, and engaging activities which you can access as easily as dragging and dropping them. These modules – like all mAuthor’s functionalities – are tailored to support K-12 and modern education needs.

Customized authoring tool

Each module can be precisely customized by editing a number of its properties, making it truly responsive and reacting to various user’s behavior. But that’s not all! You can easily create new custom modules, custom templates, or layouts and customize everything using CSS and JavaScript stylesheets.

Final results – LMS compatible and easy to use

Everything you create in mAuthor is fully compatible with all the most popular LMS platforms. It can also be accessed via the mAuthor’s HTML5 based Player, making it perfectly accessible on desktop and mobile devices or even exported to run offline.

Coordinate the workflow of your project

mAuthor is not just an authoring tool. It is a complete Development Platform to support and manage the ePublishing process. It allows assignment of different tasks to different roles including authors, instructional designers, editors, graphic designers, reviewers, or testers.

Advanced features and functionalities

WCAG 2.1 Compliance


mAuthor supports the WCAG 2.1 recommendations and offers extended support with its native assistive technologies.

Adaptive learning paths


Thanks to vast reporting and feed-backing capabilities enables the creation of highly adaptive content that adjusts to actual learners’ abilities.

Big data analytics


The eContent created with mAuthor is capable of generating a vast amount of information concerning a particular students’ behavior, especially their results.

Responsive designs in the authoring tool


Our authoring tool provides an advanced set of functionalities that ensure the responsivity of your eContent and enables you to optimize page layouts.

Multi Language support


mAuthor enables you to create eContent in practically any language, including non-Latin alphabets and writing scripts.

eContent development platform - mAuthor


mAuthor lets you organize the workflow and smooth cooperation of Project Team members having different roles in the Content development process.

eContent samples created in mAuthor

Check out samples of highly interactive eContent created with mAuthor. Access them from desktop or mobile devices. Test a vast collection of activities, games, multimedia resources, educational films, and animations.

How is the eContent created?

It is built with the use of extensive Functional Modules, which will give you an advantage from the very beginning in creating educational material. Each Module can be precisely customized by editing a number of its properties, making it truly responsive and user’s behavior adapted.

What is the most precious in our enormous amount of functional modules is the fact, that you can create any kind of content you need!
Check how many modules you can use.

Functional modules in authoring tool - mAuthor
Authoring tool interactive tutorials - mAuthor

When you decide what kind of content you want to create, take the first steps with mAuthor and see how to use it the most effectively.

Ready content you can export in various formats: HTML5, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or xAPI (Tin Cap API) packages to any Learning Management System which supports these standards.

Reviews and recommendations

mAuthor is the primary tool used by major education publishers around the world. We asked their representatives why they had chosen our solution. See what they said about their experience with our software.

“Easy to use with a wide variety of templates and interaction types already built into the authoring tool. We also appreciate that, for the most part, you can develop the content in mAuthor and it will render responsive content for multiple device configurations.”

Bruce Wilcox
Vice President
Carolina Science Online Company /USA/

Carolina Biological

“At Porto Editora, we use mAuthor for creating premium rich interactive educational courses and aggregate digital resources. We have chosen this tool because it has a very good cost/benefit relation and its potential is huge. Our staff has quickly learned how to develop their work with mAuthor and the support from Learnetic is really very good”

Rui Pacheco
Multimedia Department Director
Porto Editora /Portugal/

Porto Editora Publisher

“We discovered mAuthor as a truly powerful solution for interactive educational content development. No other solution offers so wide spectrum of modules and activity types.”

Michael Chan
Senior BD Manager
NetDragon Websoft /China/

NetDragon Websoft

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Thanks to its extensive capabilities mAuthor was distinguished by “Training Industry”, one of the most influential online magazines concerning eLearning technologies. According to the magazine’s experts, Learnetic is among the Top 20 Companies in the Authoring Tools category for the third consecutive year.

Additionally, in light of our efforts, we’ve been recognized as a Top Polish Developer by Clutch, a B2B research platform.

authoring tool
Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies
authoring tool
authoring tool



mAuthor is a powerful authoring tool and a cloud-based eDevelopment platform. It is designed to build highly interactive digital resources and coordinate teams’ workflow in the projects.

mAuthor is dedicated to professional content developers, especially publishers – both those who are starting to digitize their educational resources and those who continue their ePublishing projects. mAuthor is also the perfect solution for digital disruptors who want to create interactive educational content from scratch.

For individual teachers and schools, we offer mInstructor – a simplified, free version of the authoring tool.

Many features make mAuthor unique. Contrary to many other authoring tools, mAuthor:

  • is a cloud-based solution, freeing users from installation and being chained to just one device
  • is integrated with a comprehensive eDevelopment Platform, providing a set of management tools for multiple large-scale projects
  • offers a set of 140+ ready-made, highly parameterized modules, and the number still grows
  • allows gaining unique, customized functionalities through creating own modules (addons) in Addon Editor
  • enables creating only one eContent version that runs flawlessly in multiple browsers and operating systems, allowing for convenient use on all devices, including mobile ones
  • supports adaptive learning, accessibility standards, tools for efficient localization, and creating eContent in almost all languages
  • includes an open-source eContent player, which can be incorporated and freely modified, assuring that resources will always work correctly and efficiently.

For more information about unique mAuthor tools, click here – our Sales Team will be happy to assist you.

The business model is based on an annual subscription, and pricing depends on the number of users (developers, editors, QA staff, etc.) you want to work with on the platform. To learn more about pricing, please contact our Sales Team.

NO. mAuthor is a fully cloud-based solution, which eliminates the necessity and cost of installation and setup.

YES. We organize training for mAuthor at two levels of advancement, offering certificates of achievement.

Interestingly, we have found that after the initial 3-hour training session, users start using the authoring tool successfully, creating their templates and content.

We are proud of our cooperation with companies from all over the world. Our partners include Pearson, Porto Editora, Hachette Antoine, Klett, and many more. To see more of our partners, click here.

YES. mAuthor provides many solutions for managing the creation and workflow of multiple projects at once. These functionalities give you complete control over large-scale projects in all modes – in-house, outsourced, or hybrid – proving to be invaluable, especially within tight timeframes.

We have a vast library of eContent packages, all created in mAuthor – that’s how we know it’s a perfect ePublishing tool. To see demos from our K12 eContent, follow the links below.

YES. mAuthor continually proves to be easy and intuitive even for beginners. We have found that new users are able to create their eContent from day one, thanks to the well-organized layout and WYSIWYG approach. In mAuthor, non-technical developers and editors without any scripting or coding skills can create highly interactive eContent.

Creating eContent in mAuthor is simple and intuitive, thanks to the WYSIWYG system and convenient page building with Drag & Drop or Click & Click feature.
To create your eContent, you can choose from a wide range of default templates and over 140 ready-made modules covering all aspects of eContent creation and publishing – activity types, navigation, reporting, extra scripting options, and more.
You can simply fill them with your educational materials, adjust their parameters, or even edit them with CSS to your desired specifications. You can also create your own modules (addons) to get unique, customized functionalities.

YES. When students work with your eContent, you obtain a vast amount of detailed information about the group and individual learning processes. The data is stored in the Google BigQuery database, fully accessible by Google Data Studio and various third-party tools.

Big Data generated by your eContent brings completely new opportunities, unavailable in traditional paper-based textbook publishing. To find out 4 key ways to benefit from Big Data analytics, click here.

YES. mAuthor is perfect for creating highly interactive courses with Adaptive Learning design. It offers vast capabilities to build eLessons that dynamically match presented eContent to students’ performance. Once you define optional learning paths in the Adaptive Learning Editor, mAuthor’s engine selects the appropriate path and offers activities tailored to the current needs of each student.

YES. mAuthor provides an advanced set of functionalities that ensure the responsivity of your eContent. Our Multiplatform Interactive Content Editor enables you to optimize page layouts for faultless display on various screen sizes. Created eContent is run by mAuthor’s HTML5 based Player, which makes it perfectly accessible and fully interactive on multiple modern devices, including mobile ones.

YES. mAuthor enables you to create genuinely accessible eContent, providing you with standard practical tools and comprehensive native technologies, such as TTS incorporated in the player, and the ability to work with eContent using a keyboard only. These features guarantee the accessibility of your newly created eContent, and can also be applied to improve your already existing courses.
To see examples and tips, click here.

YES. mAuthor enables you to create eContent in practically any language, including non-Latin alphabets and writing scripts, with respect to specific text layouts or right-to-left mode.

You can also localize your existing resources in mAuthor’s dedicated Translation Support Editor, which allows you to convert texts and observe changes in the activities in real-time. You can also export your resources in XLIFF format and localize them in external CAT tools, e.g., SDL Trados.

YES. We often create extra features as a customer-specific bespoke development. You can also request to add a specific functionality at no charge; we will plan its implementation if we evaluate it as an added value for all users.

Apart from that, you can customize numerous elements of your eContent using CSS or modify mAuthor’s addons to your particular preference and needs.

YES. If you have any questions or issues to report, we encourage you to use our internal ticket support system. Our development team thoroughly analyzes all tickets to ensure seamless work with mAuthor.

You can export your eContent to HTML5, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and xAPI (Tin Can). Moreover, all objects created in mAuthor are XML files, which can be output and played back in all prevalent operating systems and devices.

Your eContent can be conveniently accessed online via an Internet browser or exported to run offline. Both options work perfectly on PCs, interactive whiteboards, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

There are multiple ways to publish your eContent. The most popular one is to publish it on your own LMS (e.g., white-label mCourser) or make it available for purchase on a third-party LMS. You can also license your eContent to selected distributors or sell it directly to your end-users.

YES. One of the key features of mAuthor is security that your eContent will stay functional and maintainable, regardless of the tool’s evolution or even its existence. Our player is an open-source project: it allows every user of mAuthor to control it, integrate it with their own learning platform, participate in its development or create their own version of the player if needed.

YES. We encourage you to discover your opportunities with our 30-day free trial. We will be more than happy to show you how mAuthor works and how you can use its full potential. To get a free trial, please contact our Sales Team.

YES. We will be happy to offer you our comprehensive eContent Development services. Our highly experienced team of designers and experts in various fields assures the best quality of eContent. To find out what we offer, click here.

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mAuthor is a professional cloud-based eContent Development Platform dedicated to Educational Publishers and EdTech companies. For solutions dedicated to individual teachers or schools please visit our mCourser website.

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