Coronavirus - polish education situaltion

Coronavirus vs education in Poland

As all schools in Poland will be now closed down, Learnetic makes every possible effort to reduce any potential negative impact this obligatory break may cause. Learnetic offers its free eLearning platform to all schools in Poland, which will help greatly to bring the entire learning process online. We have just extended our offer with free implementation and support services for schools (statement in polish). We have also unlocked a big number of commercial resources which are now available for free. Next week we are going to introduce a free Virtual Classroom service on our platform, which will enable schools and teachers to run synchronous online classes using video conferencing facilities. We are in touch with local authorities and are already planning together the implementation of our eLearning platform in the whole region.

Learnetic Supports Equity in Education

TALENT is a word that sounds and is written in the same way in several dozen languages around the world. It refers to so much more than just extraordinary abilities. We believe talent is an ability accessible to everyone and has an essential role in increasing the chances of Success in Life. Regardless of the initial diagnosis.

mTalent is a series of products designed to support modern therapists and teachers in their work and to bring children with special developmental and educational needs closer to their ultimate goal: success. The series of interactive packages for Special Educational Needs comprises three separate products:

mTalent: Visual Perception

mTalent: Auditory Perception

mTalent: Difficulties in Writing



The mTalent courseware is designed both for regular learners and for those attending corrective and teaching-compensatory classes. Ideal for working with children with sensory integration disorder, dyslexia or the risk symptoms of dyslexia, ADHD, concentration and hand-eye coordination problems.



All mTalent products has been positively evaluated and reviewed by wide spectrum of special needs teachers and practitioners, and certified as Medical Device with confirmed effectiveness and safety of use.

mTalent Visual Perception is recognised as one of the best products in its category and has been awarded the Special Prize in the BELMA 2019 competition announced during the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019.


The courseware is supplemented with additional materials, including extensive lesson plans, a methodological guidebook and optional traditional aids, unique for each set. Additionally, each product contains extensive set of printable worksheets.


If you want to see more information about the mTalent series, visit the mTalent webiste to check out the demo, or ask us a question