Please sign up to our upcoming series of webinars when we will be showing you the main features of mAuthor and introduce you to its Adaptive Learning and WCAG capabilities. Alternatively you may apply for a dedicated One-on-One Webinar.

1) ePublishing made easy – get to know the mAuthor authoring tool.

Thursday, 12th December 2019
at 4 pm GMT

2) ‘What did I do wrong?’ – mAuthor interactive lessons with tailored feedback.

Tuesday, 14th January 2020
at 4 pm GMT


Please tick  ✔︎ for each of the webinars that you intend to take part in:

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           sign me for a dedicated One-on-One webinar

Please leave us some background information or questions concerning your particular interest, so we can better adapt our presentations to your actual needs.
In case you opted for a One-on-One Webinar please suggest two alternative dates and we will come back to you shortly with confirmation.


If you wish you can better prepare to the upcoming mAuthor’s webinar.



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