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    Publishing tools for creating interactive e-books, digital content distribution platform

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    For partners willing to become our premium interactive digital content re-sellers

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    Comprehensive national education ecosystem for digital content standardization, creation, distribution and delivery.

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    Rich interactive & engaging content supporting child’s education from early stages including Mathematics, Science and Special Educational Needs


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Our customers

The world's largest publishers have put their trust in our company


Pearson Education is the largest global publisher and the most recognized brand in the world of education. Pearson based in Australia and Mexico uses our mAuthor solution to adapt the existing materials and create new interactive lessons and e-books.


McGraw Hill is the world’s second largest educational publishing group based in the USA, with offices and distributors all around the world. Our regional partner in Mexico uses the mAuthor tool to create interactive textbooks for secondary school and higher education students.


Macmillan Australia is one of the largest publishing groups in the world, known primarily for their textbooks to learn English. Every day our partner prepares interactive versions of their textbooks using the mAuthor tool.


Klett is one of Europe’s largest publishing groups. Our partner is the market representative in the following countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria , Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. The Klett Group creates interactive educational materials aimed at secondary schools and distributes them successfully through the educational platform mCourser.


Porto Editora is the largest and most important publishing group in Portugal. While using the mAuthor tool for more than two years, our client has created over 15,000 interactive objects covering all stages of education. Apart from Portugal, the Porto Editora group also operates in Angola, Mozambique, East Timor and Macau.


NetDragon Websoft is one of the largest Chinese IT companies specializing in the creation and sharing of the on-line game services. Since 2015, NetDragon has been investing in education and at the same time the company has launched the creation of interactive educational materials using mAuthor. For more information see the additional article on NetDragon.


C&E Publishing is a large and well-known educational publisher based in the Philippines. Our partner in addition to using all technological solutions offered by Learnetic, such as mAuthor, mCourser and mInstructor, is also a distributor of middle school math and science interactive lessons.


Agemsoft is a Slovak distributor of interactive content and the main partner and supplier of digital solutions to the Ministry of Education in Slovakia. Agemsoft uses the mAuthor tool and distributes interactive learning materials for primary school mathematics – 321 Math!