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Over 4 million refugees had to flee Ukraine for fear of the consequences of this cruel war. The vast majority of them are mothers with school or preschool children who have been deprived of the possibility of further normal education.

To remedy this situation, in consultation with the largest Ukrainian publishing house, Ranok, we have prepared electronic versions of six math textbooks for pupils in grades 1-4. We have prepared all six textbooks in digital but not interactive form, and one of them in a fully interactive version. It is this version that is the most desirable in the present situation, as it well supports teachers who usually do not know the Ukrainian language and allows children to work with such material largely independently by automatically checking the correctness of the tasks performed. Currently, all these textbooks are placed on the generally available multilingual version of our educational platform  mCourser, where teachers or parents of these children can easily follow the results of pupils’ work and react primarily in areas that a specific child cannot cope with.

It seems that in these circumstances the educational platform and interactive digital textbooks are the perfect solution. Unfortunately, the preparation of such interactive textbooks is an expensive undertaking. So far, thanks to the commitment of our employees, we have managed to prepare the first one (you can see it  here). We would like to prepare the next ones, so that, at least in the area of ​​such important subject as mathematics, it would be easier for children to continue their regular education.

That is why we invite other publishing houses, organizations or private companies to join our campaign and provide financing for another 5 digital textbooks. The direct cost of preparing one such interactivel textbook is not less than EUR 15,000. We expect a contribution of EUR 10,000 from the sponsor, and the rest of the costs will be covered by Learnetic on its own.

In exchange for the participation of your company or organization, you will have the opportunity to install all textbooks created under this action on your own platform, so that teachers from your country can use them even more easily when working with Ukrainian children.

It is also possible to join this initiative with a smaller amount of support (min. EUR 2,500) and then we will place information about your company or organization on our platforms and in our information channels. To join the campaign, please fill in the form at the end of this page and indicate what form of support your company or organization would be interested in.

Additionally, in recognition of your contribution, we will prepare a language version for your country, of a very useful digital tutorial for the youngest students “Я тут! / ja tu:t / I’m here!“, where Ukrainian children will be able to learn the basics of your language vocabulary in the context of school life and basic life situations. You may check a sample lesson here.

If you choose to sponsor two interactive textbooks, we will also give you free one year access to our mAuthor Authoring Tool for 3 of your instructional designers. The value of such a package is EUR 10,000.

And what after the war? The above-mentioned materials can be used free of charge for the entire duration of the war in Ukraine. After the end of the war, we will hand over all these materials to Ranok for its own disposal as our contribution to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

We hope you will join us and support Ukrainian children and teachers from your country who will be working with them in the coming months.

Thank you in advance for joining us


Learnetic SA

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