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mCourser is a comprehensive eLearning Platform (LMS) for K-12 Education supporting Adaptive Learning and dedicated to delivering highly interactive educational eContent packages. It effectively supports educational processes and interactions between Teachers and Students.



Live VIDEO or AUDIO sessions, shared whiteboards, live chats, and a hand-raising system that gives students the opportunity to participate in real-time discussions.


Intuitive assignment functionality with full reporting and monitoring capabilities, including individual and group assignment types that support personalized learning needs.


Wide variety of reports clearly presenting students’ results, the time they have spent with eContent material, number of revisions, help buttons clicks and many others pieces of information.


Feature of organizing contests for thousands of students simultaneously.

Grade Book

Complete Grade Book functionality, including Lesson Schedule, Attendance Record, Reporting and Teacher/Student/Parent communication system.


Intuitive and clearly designed interface based on industry standard UX guidelines makes it perfect for intermediate IT literacy users.


Accessible from a variety of stationary and mobile devices of different screen resolutions. Use mCourser platform on any device.


Synchronization of all results stored and managed online on the mCourser platform with the offline dedicated native mLibro application.


An API enabling the connection with third-party LMS platforms and creating new look & feel and functionality that will meet different age-group expectations.


Runs smoothly on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems as well as on iOS or Android.

SaaS Model

No need for installation or local hosting. mCourser is a fully Cloud-based solution delivered and licensed via the Software-as-a-Service model.


Our experienced Support Staff is always ready to help you solve the problems that you might encounter while using our educational LMS platform.


mCourser is regularly updated with extra features and functionalities making it always at the edge of arising technologies and new devices.


Unlike many other LMS platforms for K-12, mCourser is capable of replicating virtual structure of a school system of a particular region or country. Starting from the central platform operator (e.g. Educational Publisher or Ministry of Education) through districts, schools and classes up to a single interaction between a teacher and a student.

Map your school structure on the mCourser platform easily

within the mCourser Platform for K-12 Education


Student is the most elemental, yet the most important role in the system. Student accounts can be organised in groups and classes and can have access to a number of courses or eContent packages assigned by the Teachers.

School Admin

School Admins are responsible for creation of virtual representation of their school. They can link Teachers with their Students, and deploy learning materials. They can also monitor and generate reports on Students’ and Teachers’ activity.


The Teachers registered within the platform have a number of possibilities to assign tasks, organise projects or arrange tests for their Students. Since they have full access to Students’ activities, they can monitor their progress and address areas that require extra explanation or additional practice.

District Admin

The Schools are usually supervised by local educational organisations or School Districts who want to know more general information regarding schools’ activity and their average or aggregated results. They can also organise tests and exams for selected (or all) schools under their supervision.


mCourser enables linking Students’ accounts to Parents’ accounts, so that Parents can see their pupils’ learning progress, attendance, the school news board and are able to contact the Teacher at any time.

Platform Admin

The Platform Admin has full access to all platform capabilities. They can create virtual schools representing the real schools’ structure in their territory. Platform Admin also controls what eContent packages are deployed within the platform and accessible by particular users.


Assignments allow Teachers to create class tasks or homework exercises either for individual Students or for a whole Class. Extensive reports allow Teachers to assess performance of a whole Class in a glimpse of an eye. Instant access to the smallest details of every activity enables them to implement individual approach to specific needs of a particular Student.


Thanks to the Contests option, mCourser enables holding competitions, test or exams. In this mode Students are given exact time to complete a test on a basis of selected material from the eContent packages deployed in the platform or from the materials created by their Teachers within mInstructor service or simply based on any SCORM compliant package imported into the mCourser platform.


mCourser is equipped with a number of functionalities that facilitate group work, common projects and collaboration between the Students. The School Admin can determine which collaboration units are to be available to the Students.


This module enables Teachers or School Admins to announce important messages or simply present interesting information concerning the school community. It can be also used as a regular Newsletter, prepared and edited by authorised users.



Teachers and Students can make their own repository of files documenting their work. mCourser allows them to upload various resources and link them with the content available on the platform to create a complete archive of class projects or group assignments. Teachers have full access to the Student’s Portfolio and they are able to download its content or add more files to it.



The Messenger module can be used as an equivalent of email service available for all Students and Teachers of particular school. It keeps track of all correspondence and can be used to support and document common projects or team tasks.



The Chat module enables all users registered within a virtual School to communicate in a real-time mode. The Chat recognises who is currently logged into the mCourser platform and allows users to initiate instant conversation or even a group discussion. It can be used to organise “Teacher on Duty” service available to the Students who need extra support.


Calendar is a useful feature that helps organizing and controlling the actual workload, projects and assignments milestones and due dates, group or individual events. Calendar can be accessed by different roles within the platform to inform about events relevant for the school, class, assignment or even a single Student.



“You can’t manage it, if you can’t measure it.”


The mCourser LMS platform offers generating a vast number of valuable Reports for all different roles deployed within the platform. The Reports are presented in a from of clearly designed tables, plots, charts and dashboards depending on the role of a particular user.


Each Student has full access to their results obtained during a selected period of time. The Student can also see all portions of the eContent material that they accessed with a full insight to the answers provided while solving the activities.

The uniqueness of mCourser comes from the fact that, besides the aggregated reports, a Teacher has the possibility of observing each piece of the eContent accessed by a particular Student. Thanks to this option the Teacher can learn individual Students’ difficulties and address them accordingly by suggesting additional materials or giving direct hints, instructions or explanations.


mCourser platform works with every mobile device

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies
eLearning Offline App

There are places or situations with no Internet access. mLibro is an offline application completing the mCourser platform. From now on, learners have access to their online resources anytime and anywhere.


1- Download eContent

While connected to the Internet, Students can download their assignments and digital lessons from the mCourser platform to an offline application.

2- Work offline

From now on, Students can work offline anytime and anywhere. Their results are stored locally on their computer or mobile device.

3- Upload results

Once learners connect to the Internet again, their results are automatically synchronized with the mCourser platform.

Simple & Easy to Use

Thanks to the simplified and easy-to-use mLibro’s interface even the Students with a limited computer literacy can work safe and effortlessly.

System agnostic

The mLibro application can work on stationary Windows based computers or on iOS or Android mobile devices as a native app.

Free of charge

mLibro is a free application which, depending on a Student’s device, can be downloaded from AppStore, Google Play, Microsoft Store or directly from Learnetic’s webpage.

Download free of charge from the following places:

mLibro app for Windows10
mLibro app for IOS
mLibro app for Android

Big Data in Educational Publishing

Thanks to the fact that mCourser is a Cloud-based solution it is possible to gather enormous number of data collected from all interactions of Students with the eContent deployed on the platform. Such approach opens completely new possibilities for Educational Publishers.
mCourser collects and stores millions of results of the highly interactive activities solved by thousands of Students every day. Having access to such a huge database of information enables Publishers to use it in a large variety of ways.

First of all Publishers can test and verify the efficiency of the materials that their publishing teams have prepared for each subject, chapter, lesson, page or even a single activity.

By observing how Students are doing with their digital textbooks and tracing:

  • how much time they spend solving particular activity,
  • how many mistakes they do while interacting with it,
  • exactly what type of mistakes they make,
  • how many times they ask the system for a hint or to show the correct answer.

Publishers or editors responsible for creation of their digital textbooks can assess:

  • if their materials clearly and effectively present the concepts and ideas that they were created for,
  • how difficult it is for Students to understand the concepts presented,
  • what particular part of the electronic page or activity creates a problem for them or which one is not challenging enough.

Having all this information, publishers and editors can constantly improve the quality of their electronic textbooks. Therefore, instead of waiting for the next edition of the paper based textbook, they can do all corrections and improvements practically in real time by simply updating the eContent.

Moreover, access to such a huge information allows Publishers to make variety of statistical analyses in different segments and groups and check for example what are the differences between Students in different locations, large towns vs. villages, or between Students of particular background, skills, abilities or even disorders. Knowing this, Publishers may prepare their materials accordingly or even approach next “BIG THING” in modern, digital education – ADAPTIVE LEARNING.
(Click here if you want to learn What is Adaptive Learning)



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  • Cloud based environment


  • Hundreds of Thousands of Students


  • Tens of Thousands of interactive exercises


  • Millions of results stored daily


  • Detailed feedback monitoring


  • Huge database of information


  • BIG DATA Analytics


  • Large Variety of Detailed Reports


  • Individual Learning paths generation


  • Completely new possibilities for Educational ePublishers

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Advice & Consultancy

Thousands of highly interactive pages with the highest quality digital assets. A number of advanced learning platforms, CMSes and other professional software applications. We are happy to share our experience and help you design your digital eLearning strategy.


mCourser is a unique combination of:

  • content distribution system, based on subscription to interactive e-content
  • LMS assuring interactions between students and teachers both in synchronous (Virtual Classroom) and asynchronous (assignments, assessments) modes
  • online school with classes, communicators, timetables, grades, and other features for efficient organization and coordination.

mCourser is a perfect solution for educational publishers who look to build and implement modern digital strategies. It provides a wide range of tools for licensing and distribution (integration with external management systems for access, licenses, external e-commerce, payment gateways, user data, etc.) Moreover, the Big Data analytics tool gives publishers an invaluable opportunity to develop and improve their e-courses, to answer the exact needs of their users. The platform is also a strong point in the offer of publishers with an established brand: being white-label, it can be adapted to characteristics associated with the company.

The license is based on an annual subscription. The pricing model is adapted to the number of users (students and teachers) with a small annual fee per single user. The annual minimum fee of EUR 25,000 includes onboarding/setup services and registering up to 25 000 users.

On top of the license fees, the publisher pays monthly hosting fees which depend on the intensity of platform use and the amount of data transferred between the platform and its users. Typically, this hosting fee is at the level of EUR 0,05-0,06 per user/month.

Yes, we’ll be glad to offer you a free trial.

No. This service is included in the license fee.

Yes. Learnetic offers free training for publishers and users of mCourser. The platform also includes a knowledge base in the form of video tutorials and comprehensive documentation.

mCourser is a unique combination of a content distribution system, based on subscription to interactive e-content; modern LMS for interactions between students and teachers, both in synchronous (Virtual Classroom) and asynchronous (messengers, chats) modes; and online school with timetables, classes, grades, communicators, and other features for management and organization.

Yes. Thanks to its open architecture, mCourser can be easily customized using the publisher’s own brand, domain, homepage, stylesheets, and numerous parameters to control the availability and functionality of almost every single feature. Moreover, mCourser’s advanced API enables developers to create smaller, product-oriented web products that benefit from the entire mCourser’s power and flexibility.

Like all our platforms, mCourser is a cloud-based solution. It doesn’t require installation or a specific operating system, so it’s ready to use from day one.

No. Within the minimum annual fee for mCourser, you can register up to 25 000 students without any additional fees.

Our customers include, among others: Pearson, Klett, Editis, Hachette Antoine. To see more of our customers click here.

You can count on our technical and customer support during the entire time of licensing mCourser.

mCourser provides security based on the GDPR and guidelines regulating the protection of personal data. Click here to learn more.