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mCourser is the most comprehensive, highly scalable white-label Learning Management System & eContent Distribution Platform dedicated to digital content providers that want to manage and deliver their  interactive educational packages to a large number of teachers and students.

Major functionalities

Thanks to dozens of easily configurable options and parameters mCourser allows for adjusting its functionality to the specific requirements of any educational publishing house, innovative edTech company or even a ministry of education.
Discover the major functionalities of this highly versatile platform and try to imagine it perfectly fitted to your specific needs.

White-label LMS

Setup the mCourser platform under your own brand name. Customize its visual and functional capabilities that fit your specific needs.

eContent Distribution Platform

Thanks to its built-in e-commerce capabilities, you can use the mCourser platform to sell and license your digital packages to your clients including districts, schools, teaches or even directly to your students.

Virtual structure of your school system

Map the structure of a school system of your region or country into the LMS platform. Use the potential of different roles within a powerful virtual learning environment.

Tools for teachers

Give teachers the tools they need nowadays. Convert teaching into a modern, comfortable and effective process with easily created Assignments, automatic Assessments capabilities, customized Test Creation Tools, and much more.


With a wide variety of detailed reports teachers or parents can quickly identify learners’ strong or weak areas and suggest the extension or remedy materials. School admins can also analyze the school wide results and monitor teachers and students activities.

Adaptive Learning Paths

Thanks to mCourser’s perfect interaction with materials created with mAuthor, you can create automatic, individual, adaptive learning paths across lessons, units, subjects or courses. By utilizing these powerful features, each student can achieve the skills and knowledge to their maximum potential.

Accessibility & Inclusion

We are among the world leaders in compliance and implementation of Accessibility and Inclusion capabilities in our educational digital content and e-learning environments. Our WCAG 2.1 compliant solutions ensure equal access for all differently-abled users.

VR Immersive LMS

Discover the completely new VR capabilities of mCourser, allowing users to freely move around the digital school mapped in virtual reality. This highly engaging and motivating immersive virtual environment is a perfect communication platform between teachers and students, which works especially well in any lockdown or distance learning situations.

VR Immersive LMS

Big Data analytics

As a digital educational publisher you will benefit from the huge amount of data collected by mCourser to verify the actual use, usability, usefulness and above all – efficiency of your teaching and learning materials. All this presented in clearly designed tables, plots & charts.

Other features that make mCourser the most versatile white-label LMS

There are many reasons to choose mCourser as your ultimate LMS solution. Learn about the technology and technical architecture that makes mCourser truly modern and ready for the future.

SaaS model

No need for installation on the end users’ computers or expensive local hosting infrastructure. mCourser is a fully cloud-based solution deployed in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and delivered in a pure Software-as-a-Service model.

Open architecture

Thanks to publicly available API mCourser can be quickly integrated with third party platforms enabling SSO (Single Sign On) capabilities, imports and exports of users mapped into logical school/class/group structures, interchanging of licensing information, sharing the students’ results and many others.

Online & Offline

Internet access is a problem in your area? No problem for mCourser LMS, because it is equipped with a dedicated native mLibro application that works offline on various stationary or mobile devices. mLibro will allow you to work offline and synchronize your results with mCourser once you are connected again.

Intuitive navigation


mCourser was designed to provide an intuitive user experience based on simple but very effective Google Material Design principles securing the maximum speed of web application and easy to implement customization. Simple and clearly designed interface makes it perfect for intermediate IT literacy users. You like a more fancy and sophisticated user interface, go and try our new Immersive VR environment.

System agnostic


mCourser is a web application that works seamlessly in almost any web browser installed on a Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating system, as well as in iOS or Android mobile environments.

System reliability


We ensure no less than 99% availability of the mCourser platform throughout the school year. We are constantly updating it to be compatible with new operating systems and web browsers updates but our updates are transparent to the end users and do not require any maintenance or service breaks.

Continuous development

In order to respond to the constantly evolving needs of the younger generations of teachers and students, mCourser is regularly upgraded and enriched with additional features and functionalities. Rest assured that thanks to Learnetic, your mCourser-based platform will always be on the edge of emerging new technologies and new educational methodologies, adapting them to your customers’ daily lives.

mCourser always on the edge of emerging new technologies and new educational methodologies
LMS platform - continuous improvement

What is important, all updates and enhancements are always backwards compatible with previous mCourser functionalities, so your platform expands its capabilities without unnecessary confusion or rapid turnarounds.

Examples of mCourser implementations

Check out some examples of educational platforms that our clients have built based on our mCourser LMS solution. See how the white label functionality has been used to create diverse platforms addressing different geographical markets, different user segments, and even different business models.

eLearning mobile app

Provide all learners access to your online resources anytime and anywhere.

Students can download the assignments and digital lessons from the mCourser platform to an offline application, then work offline with those materials, and upload results once connected to the Internet again.

Simple and easy to use

mLibro’s interface is designed to ease the use of all functions. Moreover, the application is System-Agnostic, which means that it can work on stationary Windows based computers or on iOS or Android mobile devices
as a native app.

Pricing plans that follow your digital business

The mCourser platform was created to effectively support very large groups of users, including hundreds of thousands or millions of students and teachers. However, thanks to flexible pricing plans, you can also start using it for smaller numbers of users.

Check the mCourser pricing plans:

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Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies


mCourser is a unique combination of:

  • content distribution system, based on subscription to interactive e-content
  • LMS assuring interactions between students and teachers both in synchronous (Virtual Classroom) and asynchronous (assignments, assessments) modes
  • online school with classes, communicators, timetables, grades, and other features for efficient organization and coordination.

mCourser is a perfect solution for educational publishers who look to build and implement modern digital strategies. It provides a wide range of tools for licensing and distribution (integration with external management systems for access, licenses, external e-commerce, payment gateways, user data, etc.) Moreover, the Big Data analytics tool gives publishers an invaluable opportunity to develop and improve their e-courses, to answer the exact needs of their users. The platform is also a strong point in the offer of publishers with an established brand: being white-label, it can be adapted to characteristics associated with the company.

The license is based on an annual subscription. The pricing model is adapted to the number of users (students and teachers) with a small annual fee per single user. The annual minimum fee of EUR 25,000 includes onboarding/setup services and registering up to 25 000 users.

On top of the license fees, the publisher pays monthly hosting fees which depend on the intensity of platform use and the amount of data transferred between the platform and its users. Typically, this hosting fee is at the level of EUR 0,05-0,06 per user/month.

Yes, we’ll be glad to offer you a free trial.

No. This service is included in the license fee.

Yes. Learnetic offers free training for publishers and users of mCourser. The platform also includes a knowledge base in the form of video tutorials and comprehensive documentation.

mCourser is a unique combination of a content distribution system, based on subscription to interactive e-content; modern LMS for interactions between students and teachers, both in synchronous (Virtual Classroom) and asynchronous (messengers, chats) modes; and online school with timetables, classes, grades, communicators, and other features for management and organization.

Yes. Thanks to its open architecture, mCourser can be easily customized using the publisher’s own brand, domain, homepage, stylesheets, and numerous parameters to control the availability and functionality of almost every single feature. Moreover, mCourser’s advanced API enables developers to create smaller, product-oriented web products that benefit from the entire mCourser’s power and flexibility.

Like all our platforms, mCourser is a cloud-based solution. It doesn’t require installation or a specific operating system, so it’s ready to use from day one.

No. Within the minimum annual fee for mCourser, you can register up to 25 000 students without any additional fees.

Our customers include, among others: Pearson, Klett, Editis, Hachette Antoine. To see more of our customers click here.

You can count on our technical and customer support during the entire time of licensing mCourser.

mCourser provides security based on the GDPR and guidelines regulating the protection of personal data. Click here to learn more.

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