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mAuthor is a combination of a powerful Authoring Tool and a Cloud based eDevelopment Platform dedicated to build highly interactive Digital Resources and to coordinate the workflow of the Project Teams involved in its creation.
The developed eContent is built along the eLearning industry standards and supports all, desktop and mobile devices, making it perfect for personalised and technology-supported education.


Over 140+ ready-made, highly parameterized functional modules & activity types tailored to support K12 and modern education needs.


Visual content development and editing mode – What You See Is What You Get – makes the designing work quick and accurate.


Thanks to vast reporting and feed-backing capabilities enables creation of highly adaptive content that adjusts to actual learner’s abilities. 


The created eContent is run by the mAuthor’s HTML5 based Player, making it perfectly accessible on modern mobile devices with various screen resolutions.


Created eContent is SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and xAPI (Tin Can) compliant, making it compatible with the majority of standard eLearning LMS platforms.


Created digital Content runs smoothly on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems as well as on iOS or Android divices.


Organizes the workflow and smooth cooperation of Project Team members having different roles in the Content development process.

SaaS Model

No need for installation or local hosting, mAuthor is a fully Cloud based authroing tool delivered and licensed in the Software-as-a-Service model.


Secures full support for digital publishing processes including Version Control, Bug-track or Kanban methodology.


Created eContent can be accessed online via an Internet browser or exported to run offline on desktop or mobile devices. 


Large number of flexible templates, ready-made modules and pre-defined activities make mAuthor a perfect solution to create large scale projects with tight timeframes.


Create your own library of visual and functional templates to support massive production of electronic Content while keeping it reliable and consistent. 


Thanks to open XML data formats, open source code HTML5 player, dedicated API and java-based scripts it is possible to expand functionality of existing modules or to create new ones.


Our experienced Support Staff is always ready to help you achieve your goals and solve any problems you may encounter.


mAuthor is regularly updated with extra features, new modules & activities making it always at the edge of arising technologies. 


mAuthor is not just a powerful Authoring Tool. It is also an advanced eDevelopment Platform which supports all major processes of Digital Publishing. Discover its functionalities and learn how mAuthor can address your needs at the edge of the shift to the digital era in educational publishing.

Authoring Tool

Functional Modules

ePublishing Development Platform


We have prepared a set of Interactive Tutorials which not only will help you take first steps with mAuthor, but also show you how to use its’ more advanced options.

Take a look at the first one about:

Introduction to mAuthor’s Interface

or see more of them here:




Thanks to a large quantity and variety of functional modules,  mAuthor is best positioned to be used for projects aiming for highly interactive courses incorporating Adaptive Learning design. It offers vast capabilities of building educational courses dynamically matching the presented content depending on the results of individual tasks, exercises or quizzes performed by the learner.

Starting from conducting the initial test (i.e. Initial Assessment), mAuthor’s “adaptive engine” (Interactive Content Player) selects the appropriate path, offering exercises and presentations tailored to the learner’s current level of knowledge. That way, users of smaller fund of knowledge get tasks and presentations bit easier to assimilate. On the other hand, learners having a higher level of sophistication in the issue given, are getting more difficult tasks, requiring more effort to solve them.

With this approach, we implement the idea that everyone, regardless of their abilities can reach the level of skills and knowledge corresponding to their maximum capabilities (instead of leveling and equalisation).

If you’d like to learn more about mAuthor’s capabilities in this respect we encourage you to visit our blog where you can learn also what is Adaptive Learning in more depth.

Everyone Learns



The data collected during students’ working with the eContent created in mAuthor brings completely new opportunities, that are not available to traditional paper-based textbook publishing. It contains a vast number of information concerning particular learner’s behavior and especially their results from the interactive activities. All this information is used to give instant feedback to the learner, but it is also collected in a general database which stores information of all learners’ results.


Educational publishers obtain the powerful tool that allows them to really assess the quality of their materials. By analyzing interaction of thousands of students with a particular activity, they can see how difficult it is for the users and perform corrective actions to make it clearer and more effective. By regular analysis and improvement of all their eContent elements publishers can perfect their new, electronic “textbooks” and make them gradually more and more intelligent and reactive to students’ different behaviour.


All data generated by mAuthor’s eContent is stored in Google BigQuery database making it fully accessible by Google Data Studio and a variety of third party tools (like: Tableau, QlikView, Zoomdata, etc.) that enable publishers to perform thorough analysis and attractive visualizations of educationally relevant data. Effective exploitation of these new possibilities enables Textbook Publishers to gradually shift from paper-based materials toward highly intelligent, technology-driven Learning Systems.


We are proud to announce that mAuthor is the first authoring tool that enables creating highly interactive and truly ACCESSIBLE eContent. mAuthor supports the WCAG 2.0 recommendations and offers extended support with its own native assistive technologies. The applied functionalities can enhance the accessibility not only of the newly created content but they can be easily applied to the already existing courses as well.


mAuthor allows adding audio description to videos, in order to support the visually impaired and blind users. This feautre does not require editing the ready video files. Subtitles can also be easily added to videos and slideshows to make the content accessible to students with hearing disabilities. All graphic elements can be provided with their text alternatives.


mAuthor enables users to easily work with the content using the keyboard only. All the commonly used mAuthor modules support the keyboard accessibility. This allows students to navigate through the course, solve even the most complex activities and check the results without using a mouse or touchscreen gestures.


Besides the new features addressing the generic screen readers, mAuthor offers its own screen reading assistive technology integrated with the created content. This approach provides far better user experience and comfort in comparison with the generic screen readers. The solution offers a voice synthesis of alternative texts applied to the visual elements as well as multi-language and mathematical formula support.


Read the documentation on how to create Accessible eContent with mAuthor:


Click the button below to the check mAuthor’s accessible technologies in practice:


One of the challenges of making your eContent truly international or ready for localization is to make sure it can handle  non-latin alphabets and writing scripts. From the very beginning mAuthor was designed to support double-byte character sets (DBCS) which allows you to create content in practically any language.

mAuthor offers also a dedicated Translation Support Editor which allows editors to convert texts while observing introduced changes directly in the Activities that are being edited.

Arabic alphabet

As it comes to the Arabic language, supporting the DBCS standard is not enough. It is necessary to also implement a special functionality which enables writing in the right-to-left mode. Thanks to this possibility you may localize latin-based materials or simply create the new Content without any problems.

عندما يتعلق الأمر باللغة العربية، فإن دعم معايير DBCS ليس كافياً. بل كان من الضروري إضافة وظيفة خاصة تتيح لك الكتابة من اليمين إلى اليسار. وبفضل هذه الميزة أصبح بالإمكان تعريب المواد التي تعتمد الكتابة اللاتينية، أو ببساطة تطوير محتوى عربي جديد دون أية مشاكل.

Chinese alphabet

Supporting Chinese language is also a challenge. Thanks to DBCS standard it is possible to handle a huge number of specific characters but it is also important to take care of the specific layout of Chinese texts. Fortunately with mAuthor’s WYSIWYG editing mode the process of fine-tuning the complex layout is convenient and straightforward.


Cyrillic alphabet

Handling Cyrillic alphabet brings fewer technical challenges. Using mAuthor you can export the texts from eContent to industry standard XLIFF file format and use professional translating software. After the translation has been done, you can import the files back and just take care for the proper layout of the translated texts.

Обработка кириллицы приносит меньше технических проблем. С mAuthor Вы можете экспортировать тексты, включенные в Контент, созданный в формате стандартной промышленности .xliff файлов и использовать профессиональное программное обеспечение перевода. После того, как переводы сделаны вы можете импортировать файлы обратно и просто заботиться о правильной компоновке переведенных текстов.

Thai alphabet

Thanks to the capabilities mentioned above, handling other alphabets like: Thai, Hindi, Korean, Japanese or Hebrew does not pose significant problems. You always need to take special attention to writing styles and traditions of a particular language, but with mAuthor you can adjust the eContent to any lingustic requirements.

ขอขอบคุณความสามารถดังกล่าวข้างต้น, การจัดการอื่น ๆ เช่นตัวอักษร: ไทย, ภาษาฮินดี, เกาหลี, ญี่ปุ่นหรือภาษาฮิบรูทำให้ไม่มีปัญหาใหญ่ คุณมักจะต้องใช้ความสนใจเป็นพิเศษในการบิดรูปแบบและขนบธรรมเนียมประเพณีของภาษาใดภาษาหนึ่ง แต่มี mAuthor คุณสามารถปรับเนื้อหาของความต้องการดังกล่าว


Take a shortcut and choose from the selection of predefined Templates ready for immediate use. Create your own Templates to make the work fully  consistent with your specific layout preferences.

Click below to see the Templates examples.


The new mAuthor feature allows creating courseware that is displayed perfectly on various devices and screen sizes. It is based on an advanced set of functionalities that provide the ability to optimize the page layouts for computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. Furthermore, this feature allows control over displaying the eContent in a vertical or horizontal screen orientation.




Not only is it possible to change the size and position of all page elements, but also to completely redesign the page within each layout. Adding a new layout is very simple: each one gets its own CSS Stylesheet with the initial properties of the ‘default’ layout, which can be freely modified.

authoring tool lms


mAuthor enables users to work with the content using keyboard only. All of the commonly used mAuthor modules support the keyboard accessibility. This allows students to navigate through the course, solve even the most complex activities and check the results without using a mouse or touchscreen gestures.

Click the image above and see how responsive design works on your device. Choose the “Fit to window” option and change the size of the browser window to check the layouts change.


Click the button below to guide you through the configuration of responsive layouts:


Read the documentation on creating responsive layouts with mAuthor:


Thanks to its extensive capabilities mAuthor was distinguished by “Training Industry”, one of the most influential online magazines concerning eLearning technologies. According to the magazine’s experts Learnetic is among Top 20 Companies in Authoring Tools category for the third consecutive year.

Additionaly, in light of our efforts, we’ve been recognized as a Top Polish Developer by Clutch, a B2B research platform.

authoring tool
authoring tool
authoring tool

Interactive K12 content for all mobile devices


Discover samples of highly interactive eContent created with mAuthor. Access them from desktop computers or any mobile device. Test a vast collection of activities, games, multimedia resources, educational films & animations.

Check compatibility of our eContent with your LMS by downloading a sample in SCORM 2004 format.


Do not limit


eContent Development Process

Thanks to the fact that mAuthor is a Cloud-based solution
it is possible to create Project Teams working together
in different geographical locations.

Such a solution allows publishers to run the projects across
different divisions of the company or even between
companies from different towns or countries.

Also our eContent Development Team is ready and happy
to collaborate with Publishers, Subject Matter Experts
or Editors from your Publishing House.

Having extensive knowledge of the mAuthor’s capabilities
our experienced eContent Developers can create interactive activities
according to your scripts, scenarios and requirements.

We have access to large pool of experienced Subject Matter Experts,
Graphic Designers and Programmers who can develop projects
of different scale, timeframe and complexity.

Your Project Teams may observe the progress of works
in real time 
and give immediate feedback to our developers.
Moreover, by controlling all development processes,
your Project Managers, Publishers or Reviewers can introduce
necessary changes or remove errors by themselves,
without any unnecessary delay.

         We are happy to answer:

  • Start with a Concept

    So! You have an idea for your next digital Course? Great. Before you start designing prepare a detailed script and storyboards to turn your ideas into more specific concepts.

  • Define a Structure

    Having a good plan is crucial to your success. Prepare a structure of your next Course. Use mAuthor’s hierarchy-tree builder to set a “Table of Contents” of your project.

  • Build Interactive Pages

    Start filling the structure with quality digital content. Coordinate the work of project manager, graphic designers, subject matter experts, editors and publishers.

  • Preview

    Nice design and smart functionality needs time and work. With mAuthor’s WYSIWYG editor the work is faster, more efficient and you can instantly preview the results.

  • Edit and refine

    Check & improve, check & improve, check &  …,  sometimes it takes tens of iterations to make your content working the way you want. Sometimes you may also get lost. Fortunately mAuthor takes care for Versions Control helping you to keep everything in order.

  • Proof-check and Review

    Now, it is time to check how others like what you did and let them give their input. Your rigorous correctors, proof checkers and testers will dig-deep to make sure that everything is working smoothly and errorless.

  • Publish

    And finally, “The Day” has come. Your digital Course is ready to be published. Congratulations, with mAuthor your interactive eContent will astonish even the most demanding users – your Students.

           Take a look at mAuthor catalogue: