We help Educational Publishers, Ministries of Education or Digital Disruptors to implement their technology-driven ePublishing Strategies.

By providing solutions at almost every stage of ePublishing processes we offer complete suite of Authoring Tools, eLearning & Delivery Platforms, eDevelopment Services and ready-made Interactive eContent Packages.

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mAuthor is a combination of a powerful cloud-based K-12 Authoring Tool and a Development Platform dedicated to build highly interactive digital Content and to coordinate the workflow of the Project Teams involved in its creation.

Designed specifically for educational and school environments.


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mCourser is a combination of Learning Management System (LMS) supporting educational processes and interactions between teachers and students within a oronline learning plaftorm that enables publishers to distribute and control access to their eLearning resources.


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eDevelopment Services


eDevelopment Services comprise eContent development services and Software development services. With large number of: instructional designers, subject matter experts, graphic artists, illustrators, animators, software developers and others, Learnetic offers its services to publishers on every stage of their publishing processes. Enrich your offer now!


eContent Packages


eContent Packages consist of ready-made, educational materials in a wide span of subjects at different learning stages. As they can be easily rearranged and adapted to fit specific curricula and learning standards, they are a perfect starting point to build your own library of eContent offerings.


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To Be, or Not To Be?
The New Challenges of Educational ePublishing

To share our experience gained during the years of implementation of educational technologies we have prepared a free eBook. We have collected here a number of articles presenting a spectrum of possible tools and technologies to build educational digital ecosystems, and we describe the consequences resulting from their selection. Please download the eBook from the eLearningIndustry website where we share it with wide audience of digital educators and instructional designers.

Key chapters:

  1. The Future Οf Educational Publishers
    How an educational publisher becomes a technology company.
  2. From Print Τo Digital
    Steps towards truly interactive education.
  3. Authoring Tool Selection
    Your Strategic Decision: A technological mess or ePublishing tranquility?
  4. Adaptive Learning
    The Next Generation of Educational eContent.
  5. Big Data Ιn Education
    How can K12 publishers leverage Big Data to boost their business?
  6. BYOD
    How to deal effectively with the growing presence of BYOD.
  7. Flipped Classroom
    Why and how to flip education?

What our customers say?

“We discovered mAuthor as a truly powerful solution for interactive educational content development. No other solution offers so wide spectrum of modules and activity types.”


Michael Chan
Senior BD Manager at NetDragon Websoft

“We have made with mAuthor many successful solutions especially in Mathematics, Science, History and Social Sciences for primary and upper secondary levels.”


Juha-Pekka Heinonen
CEO Lasten Keskus ja Kirjapaja Oy Edukustannus


Truly interactive

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Take a look at a series of 3 articles concerning Adaptive Learning. Learn what types and levels of adaptivity are possible and how to achieve them using existing technological solutions.

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Text to Digital

Moving from traditional textbooks into interactive digital content is a inevitable future for educational publishers. Take a look how to start the shift in a safe and most effective way. Learn about possible data formats along with their strengths and pitfalls.

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7 sins of Educational e-Publishing

Implementing your ePublishing Digital Strategy needs crucial decisions. If you make some of these mistakes it may cost you millions of dollars and years of lost market opportunities.

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