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Discover the potential of engaging
digital resources for K-12

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Interactive textbooks
- samples

Interactive textbooks
– samples

Discover the potential of engaging
digital resources for K-12

Interactive textbooks-samples

At Learnetic, we have proper tools and teams of experts ready to create cutting-edge digital textbooks that benefit K-12 publishers, teachers, and students. The created eContent implements the latest technological solutions, meeting the highest publishing standards and all accessibility criteria.

Check what modern educational resources for K-12 can look like. No matter how digitized your textbooks are, they can be transformed into WCAG-compliant, adaptive eContent with the responsive design of each lesson and exercise.

Check what modern educational resources for K-12 can look like

Discover the advanced functionalities of digital materials created by our experts

Use the potential of addons such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). All these materials can also be adapted to the needs and skills of each student using the Adaptive Learning functionality.

Biology | Grade 8

PDF-like representation view

Interactive Biology Screen

Math | Grade 6

PDF-like representation view

Interactive Math Screen

English | Grade B1/B2

PDF-like representation view

Interactive English Screen
mAuthor eContent Development Platform

All samples were created using our proprietary and commercially available authoring tool, thanks to which they can be quickly and easily localized into any language and adapted to any curriculum or even to a specific textbook. 

What are the main benefits for each group of users?

Such advanced eContent benefits all users – from the publisher, teacher, to the student. Each of them will find invaluable value in these materials.

For the publisher

Big Data, VR & AR, extensive tools for users and WCAG-compliance – this is a part of the functionalities that will give the publisher a significant competitive advantage.

Having such advanced materials in the offer gives a competitive advantage in every respect – innovation, availability and analytics.

  • eContent is adapted to the latest requirements of the publishing industry – SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and xAPI (Tin Can) compliant.
  • Publishers can use collected Big Data in product development to improve the material and match the content to the student’s profile.
  • Each material is well-adjusted to the abilities of people with various degrees of impairments, meeting the WCAG criteria.
  • The use of VR or AR elements takes the learning experience to an entirely new level – it allows students to understand the presented material better and see the nuances that are hard to describe in words.
  • Interactive eContent is compatible with any advanced LMS platform. It facilitates the teachers’ work (time of tasks, tracking student activity, engaging forms of transferring knowledge) and diversifies learning (the ability to take notes, play modern games and simulations).
eContent benefits for the publishers

For the teacher

Teachers receive an eTextbook that makes both their working life easier and their lessons more engaging and effective.

Teachers are able to track the entire history of each individual student’s performance and tailor the resources accordingly through Adaptive Learning. The content is also more accessible than ever, meaning it can be utilized by students with a wide range of special educational needs. The incorporation of VR and AR leads to increased levels of focus, understanding and, ultimately, attainment for their pupils. eContent greatly facilitates everyday work, allowing the use of tools typical for teachers, such as annotation tools, scoring, highlighting and underlining text, zooming in, measuring time for tasks, or adding extra information to particular sections that teachers want to bring to the students’ attention.

eContent benefits for the teacher

For the student

Students have been waiting for such textbooks containing an attractive explanation of the issues, engaging tasks with the use of VR and a teaching course tailored to their individual abilities.

The incorporation of new technologies, visual effects and 3D into eTextbooks makes resources not only more exciting and engaging for the student but are also more effective. Despite the advanced technology, the entire interface of the materials is user-friendly and intuitive to use. Navigating between assignments and lessons is simple, repetitive and tailored to each K-12 student’s ability. Moreover, in any material, they can zoom in on illustrations or diagrams, track their teacher’s annotations and make their own as the lesson progresses. eContent creates new opportunities for self-learning. The Adaptive Learning method allows students to learn at their own pace and according to their own predispositions. They can perform tasks alone or in a group, check their answers on an ongoing basis and learn at any time, from any place, using any device.

eContent benefits for the student

Create advanced interactive eContent using reliable, professional tools and the experience of partners like Learnetic.

If you would like to see how your materials could look in a digital version, feel free to contact us.

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