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AI enhances digital textbooks, transforms traditional materials, and revolutionizes the teaching and learning methods. Discover what are the benefits of using AI-empowered textbook by teachers and students.

Join leading educational publishers who implement innovative learning solutions.

Benefits of AI-empowered educational materials

For teachers

While AI has the potential to revolutionize educational content creation, it’s not a replacement for human educators. Instead, AI can complement educators’ efforts by:

AI can help automate tasks like content creation, assessment grading, and data analysis. This frees up teachers’ time, allowing them to focus on more valuable activities like personalized instruction and student interaction.

AI can analyze large amounts of data generated by student interactions, assessments, and engagement levels. This data can provide valuable insights into student progress and areas that need attention, helping teachers tailor their instruction accordingly.

AI can analyze students’ learning patterns, strengths, and weaknesses to provide personalized recommendations for learning materials and activities. This enables teachers to address individual student needs more effectively.

Collaboration between AI and human educators can lead to more effective and engaging educational materials.

Benefits of AI-empowered educational materials-for teachers
Benefits of AI-empowered educational materials-for students

For students

Incorporating AI into educational materials empowers students to learn smarter, deeper, and at their own pace. These advantages include:

AI tailors content delivery to individual student needs, pacing, and learning styles, ensuring optimal comprehension and retention.

Instant and specific feedback from AI helps students identify their strengths and areas needing improvement, enhancing self-awareness and growth.

AI-driven chatbots provide immediate help, answering questions and guiding students through challenges, offering continuous support.

Ready-made solutions – opportunities for educational publishers

We have deeply tested and successfully integrated AI and machine learning technologies across various aspects of our EdTech products and services. The major application areas accessible to every educational publisher include:

Machine learning algorithm

– for automatic grading of open activities

For Publisher: Pre-trained model that is language and topic neutral. It allows publishers to include open question activities in their interactive materials

For Student: Provide students an easy way to verify (grade) their open answers to support their learning process.

For Teacher: Help teachers in grading large numbers of students’ answers to open, non-objective questions

Machine learning algorithm  - for automatic grading of open activities

Large Language Model

– to provide elaborative comments on students’ answers to open questions

For Publisher: Publishers/content authors that create students’ material are able to profile AI generated comments by adding relevant prompts as a part of their editorial process for open activities.

For Student: Students are able to get not only the grade but also a precise comment about the merit of their answer as well as their grammar and spelling consistency.

Large Language Model

Conversational AI chatbot

– as a part of interactive content created by publishers

For Publisher: Chatbot can be profiled by the publisher/content author according to the topic, age and capabilities of the students that materials are prepared for.

For Student: Students can communicate with the chatbot using text or voice. 

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies   Coming soon: In the field of English language language learning will be avaiable AI support to grade students’ pronunciation. 

Conversational AI chatbot
mauthor logo

All these elements are embedded in our authoring tool to enable content creators to use AI technology in practice to create more engaging and more effective teaching and learning content.

mcourser logo

Many of those mechanisms are also part of our mCourser LMS platform. The pre-trained model is fed with the data at the level of our LMS platform. The VR version of mCourser interface can provide a conversational chatbot for each student as an effective personal learning assistant. 

AI in digital textbooks – examples

Try out AI solutions through our conversational AI avatar—a bot that facilitates interactions. Engage in dialogue, pose inquiries about the content, and experience an interactive exchange with the AI persona.

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies  In each sample, under the question mark button on the right, you can start a chat or you can also ask a question via audio/speech.

Case study on 3 proven areas for AI implementation

AI technology has the potential to profoundly transform education. Discover what AI offers you as an educational publisher and check 3 real-life examples of implementing it. Save resources, time and money.

Case study on 3 proven areas for AI implementation

Adjust AI solutions to your K-12 textbooks

No matter how advanced in digitization your textbooks are, our expert team will help you improve your materials enriching them with AI solutions. Even if you have paper versions of textbooks – we will digitize them and convert them into interactive, cutting-edge resources, bridging the gap between tradition and technology.

Adjust AI solutions to your K-12 textbooks
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