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Due to the unprecedented situation caused by the world-wide spread of the COVID-19 virus we have prepared a special, integrated “Educational Emergency Package” helping Ministries of Education, Educational Publishers and other EdTech businesses to secure the continuity and effectiveness of the educational processes.

This special package includes all elements necessary to start and effectively perform country-wide remote education with full control of teachers’ and students’ activities and complete insight into the results and effectiveness of distance learning. It supports both synchronous (live on-line classes) and asynchronous (individual work of students based on teachers’ assignments) models of distance education.

Note: this is a B2B offer, directed to Ministries of Education, Educational Publishers and other EdTech companies. For resources created for individual teachers and schools visit the mInstructor website.

Tick  ✔︎  all the elements that you are interested in.

Platforms and Tools:

            Nation-wide eLearning Platform (LMS)

            Authoring Tools for eContent Development

eContent packages for:

             Mathematics for Primary/Elementary School

             Mathematics for Secondary School

             Science for Primary/Elementary School

             Science (Chemistry/Physics/Biology) for Secondary School

             English (as secondary language) for Secondary School

             Special Educational Needs for Pre & Primary School

Please leave us some background information or questions concerning your particular interest, so we can better respond to your actual needs.


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