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Frankly, I must admit, that thanks to Learnetic we are one of the best interactive content developers in our country.

Václav Hoďák, Klett Publishing House, Czech Republic

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Find out what our partners think about mCourser.com. Highly scalable, white-label Learning Management System & eContent Distribution Platform.

“mCourser is among the best Learning Management Systems available today. It allows students and teachers to connect both in school and at home to enhance the learning experience. Ease of use and an intuitive design makes mCourser a perfect tool for users of all ages. mCourser is a favorite among teachers in our country because, as well as being among the easiest platforms to navigate, it has all the tools a teacher needs to add digital materials to the classroom and send learning materials to students at home. This has proved to be of unmeasurable value in the times that all schoolwork had to be moved online.”


Klett Serbia

“We really love the statistical overview, how it’s built, how it works and is represented. It’s really easy to use and it has a very nice design.”


Maruša Kmet

Managing Director at Rokus-Klett Publishing, Slovenia

“I like the product because it helps our company to have online books and storage to the students. It is also convenient and protected. Importing thousand of students helps the process to become easier.”

Jaja Regio

Educational Publisher

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Dzwonek.pl – Polish instance of mCourser.com

“Thanks to the Dzwonek.pl educational platform, my school’s teachers could continue working with students in an interesting and engaging way. I am incredibly grateful for the availability of free educational resources during this difficult time and for the technical support that I could always count on.”

Aleksandra Jaworska

Municipial Primary School in Chwalibogowo

“In the second grade, each class student has their own account on Dzwonek.pl and works individually at home and school. I can quickly check the saved results and assess what a child has a problem with.”

Katarzyna Ślęzak

Primary School no.3 in Piotrków Trybunalski

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mauthor-authoring tool

Read the latest reviews of mAuthor – a combination of a powerful authoring tool
and a cloud-based eContent Development Platform.

“We discovered mAuthor as a truly powerful solution for interactive educational content development. No other solution offers such a wide spectrum of modules and activity”


Michael Chan

Senior Manager at NetDragon Websoft, China

“At first we thought it is a bit difficult, but after a short training we got from Learnetic’s team we discovered its real power. We wouldn’t change it for any alternative.”

unlimited educational services_logo

Kenan OGUZ

CEO at Unlimited Educational Services, Turkey

“At Porto Editora, we use mAuthor for creating premium rich interactive educational courses and aggregate digital resources. We have chosen this tool because it has a very good cost/benefit relation and its potential is huge. Our staff has quickly learned how to develop their work with mAuthor and the support from Learnetic is really very good.”

porto editora_logo

Rui Pacheco

Multimedia Department Director, Porto Editora, Portugal

“mAuthor is easy to use with a wide variety of templates and interaction types already built into the authoring tool. We also appreciate that, for the most part, you can develop the content in mAuthor and it will render responsive content for multiple device configurations.”


Bruce Wilcox

Vice Presient, Carolina, United States

“I wanted to express our satisfaction with the mAuthor platform over the past year. It has proven to be an excellent decision for our organization, and we have found great value in utilizing its features.”


Pusat Burak

Chief Technology Officer, Macenta Publishing, Turkey

“We have made with mAuthor many successful solutions especially in Mathematics, Science, History and Social Sciences for primary and upper secondary levels.”


Juha-Pekka Heinonen

CEO Lasten Keskus ja Kirjapaja Oy, Edukustannus, Finland

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If you want to learn more about our mAuthor tool contact our Sales Team or visit this website.