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Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Maximal: the modern DaF series for early teens developed by the Klett Group!

Maximal contentment about Maximal DaF Series!

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Klett is one of the most acknowledged European publishers with history reaching back to the very beginning of the 19th century. Now, with 67 companies at 33 locations in 15 countries, the Klett Group is one of the leading education-dedicated enterprises in Europe. The publisher has established itself as the leading private provider of educational and continued education services.

The Klett’s new product, Maximal, entered the market this spring and has already gained phenomenal market feedback with teachers claiming that the series was the exact response to their needs. The work with various internationally renowned authors and experienced teachers allowed creating the state of the art Deutsch als Fremdsprache course.

Please watch the video providing some essential details concerning Maximal.

Complete Learning Solution

The Maximal production is a model example of a publisher’s product development carried in an independent, self-guided way. This was made possible by the support of the Learnetic’s complex solution: the authoring tool (mAuthor) and the platform (mCourser) that allowed the Klett team not only to define every detail of the product but also to deliver it in a way precisely adjusted to the target group. mAuthoris a combination of a powerful authoring tool and a cloud-based e-development platform dedicated to build highly interactive digital content and to coordinate the workflow of the project teams involved in its creation. The tool allowed smooth and highly efficient Maximal production supported by the availability of over 100 ready, powerful activities. mCourser is the platform combining both the advantages of an LMS platform and a content marketplace. Its wide customisation possibilities have granted the publisher a full control over the licensing, subscriptions, content distribution and market communication to enhance the product’s independent and effective monetization.

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Maximal is A1-A2-B1 German language teaching series offering diverse teaching methods: from traditional, progressive, and blended learning to pure digital learning. The method delivers an advanced didactic design with an innovative and situational approach to learning. Apart from a student book, the offer includes a comprehensive workbook and an advanced system for monitoring student progress. It also involves full teacher support with online access to the platform, a DVD with videos and an audio CD along with a Teacher’s guide that contains differentiated worksheets, photocopying materials, students’ video exercises, lesson plans, and tests.

Click here to try out the Maximal sample lessons!

Combining printed and cutting-edge interactive materials

The Maximal paper and digital content are in a perfect balance allowing teachers to take different routes to achieve their goals and to help individual students. The digital content gives students a wide range of learning materials – from grammar exercises to videos, animations, games and so forth. It has been developed in line with the printed books to create seamless cross connections. However, this content has had to be an independent part of the product to avoid being a sole digital reflection of the paper components. Its creaion has been greatly enhanced by the mAuthor’s numerous modules leading to design diversified, truly interactive and powerful activities

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Their team is greatly experienced when it comes to online content with more than 20 interactive titles and over 200 digital ones. For some time now, they have decided to base the digital content production on mAutor. Maximal is their third mAuthor project and definitely not the last one.

Advanced platform and authoring tool

Maximal can be found on the customized mCourser platform https://www.elearning-klett.com. The smooth connection between the platform and the authoring tool has enhanced the control over the product launch: the publication of the subsequent content parts has required one click only and all content updates have been carried out fluently without hindering the user’s access to the content. The Klett’s platform is meant to be an anchor for a variety of digital series with Maximal as the first product.

Maximal will soon be issued in many European countries and is open for distribution all over the world. The next parts of the product will be launched in January 2018 (A2) and January 2019 (B1). The work on the series is not yet finished as there is a space for many different spin-off titles.

We hope you enjoyed the story.
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