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eContent Distribution Platform

mCourser is more than just an extensive LMS, it is a platform that allows you to sell your digital products directly to your customers. Effective commercialization of digital content and maintaining control over it is often an important issue for educational publishers. Thanks to several flexible licensing models for digital packages, mCourser allows you to effectively sell your digital products.

Publish k-12 digital materials and sell them directly to end users.

Access codes

One of the easiest ways to manage digital package licenses is to use Access Codes. For each package prepared in the mAuthor tool and installed on the mCourser platform, you can generate any number of unique access codes allowing the use of a given package by end users.



Controlling access to digital packages

By generating the access code, you specify the length of its validity, counted from the moment of its first activation or until a specific expiry date. After the code expires, access to a given package for a given user is blocked, but all the results of his work can remain in the platform’s database, thanks to which, for example, teachers or parents have access to student results, and publishers have access to long-term statistical data of all their platform users.

Access code management

With these capabilities, publishers can treat access codes the same way as books or other goods and place them as a product category in online stores from which they sell their traditional products. Publishers can also print access codes in their textbooks and sell them with an additional price markup as hybrid paper-online products. Moreover, with time-limited access codes, publishers can reduce or eliminate the uncontrolled secondary market for printed textbooks.


mCourser as your online store

Thanks to the possibility of connecting the licensing process with external payment systems, mCourser also allows you to sell packages installed on the platform directly to end users.

mCourser as a distribution platform

It is also possible to configure mCourser as a distribution platform that organizes the sale of digital packages from many different publishers, provided that the packages they offer have been prepared using the mAuthor platform.


Use the eContent Distribution Platform for effective commercialization
of digital content and access to long-term statistical data of all platform users.


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