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White-label LMS

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White-label LMS
Instantly ready to use and precisely tailored to your needs

Thanks to our “LMS out of the box” approach you can start using it right away, but thanks to its extensive configuration options, you can fine tune it to your actual needs, make it compatible with your other platforms and solutions, or even extend it by ordering a tailor-made functionality.

From graphic design to tailored functionality – we will make mCourser truly yours.

Customize your LMS platform with multiple possibilities

Give it your own identity

In mCourser, you can customize different layers of the platform. Fill them with characteristic color patterns, fonts, and logos of your brand or a chosen school.

Customize your LMS platform
Match the LMS design to the needs of your target group

Adapt the look and feel

Education levels, age groups, subjects… learning in a well-fitted environment is easier and more comfortable. Match the LMS design to the needs of your target group and ensure your users are happy to learn.

Translate the interface to different languages

Share your comprehensive eLearning environment with worldwide users – mCourser welcomes all languages! You can easily translate the special interface to have the best multilingual LMS in the world.

the best multilingual LMS in the world
Make it simple

Make it simple

Platform administrators can switch on and off different functional modules to streamline students’ workflows or avoid distractions. This functionality is especially useful in eContent for special needs in education and development, where students need more support to concentrate.

The white-label solution gives you the opportunity to work with an advanced and proven
tool perfectly suited to your needs.


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