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Tools for teachers

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Tools for teachers

The intelligent mCourser platform places user needs at its center. All functionalities create an optimal eLearning environment for a comfortable and effective learning experience. mCourser provides teachers with various tools that comprehensively support work, organization,
and all user interactions.

mCourser is an easy and comprehensive solution facilitating
hybrid teaching and learning.

Teach effectively with virtual tools


Assignments allow teachers to create class tasks or homework exercises for individual students or a whole class. Extensive reports allow teachers to assess the entire class’s performance in a glimpse of an eye. Moreover, instant access to details of every activity enables them to implement an individual approach to the specific needs of a particular student.


Tests, quizzes, and exams allow teachers to evaluate the pupils’ levels of knowledge in selected topics or a larger part of a course. Similar to assignments, teachers can give them to individual students or a group of students. In mCourser, a dedicated section makes it easy for teachers to prepare materials, set deadlines, evaluate the results automatically or manually, and discuss them individually in attached chats.

Additionally, the Test Generator enables an effortless preparation of randomized print versions for classroom use. When creating a custom test, teachers can use either existing questions or create new ones based on one of the seven most commonly used types of activities.


Use reliable audio-video communication channels within Virtual Classroom


All users of a virtual school can communicate in a real-time mode. The chat recognizes who is online, enabling users to initiate instant conversation or even a group discussion. Teachers can also use this function to organize consultation hours for students who need extra support.


Messenger is a practical equivalent of a school email service. It records all the correspondence between students and teachers and can be used to support and document collaborative projects or team tasks.


This feature enables teachers and school admins to share information, messages, and announcements with the school community. It can also be used as a regular newsletter managed by authorized persons.

Keep order in your classroom


The handy feature helps organize and control the workload, projects, and assignment milestones with their due dates and related events. Different platform roles can access the calendar with rights to inform the school, class, group, or even individual students.


Teachers and students can make their own repositories of files documenting work. mCourser allows uploading various resources and linking them with platform content to create a complete archive of class projects or group assignments. Teachers can access the student’s portfolio, download the content or add more files.

Grade Book

Complete functionality with the lesson schedule, attendance records, reporting, and teacher/student/parent communication system for convenient and comprehensive supervision of the learning process.

Virtual tools

Advanced tools for real-time online classes include an interactive whiteboard, presentation tool, breakout rooms, polls, a hand-raising system and other features supporting student engagement.


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