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mCourser provides a large number of rich reports for all LMS platform users. The data comes in clearly designed tables, plots, charts, and dashboards. Depending on the user’s role, the available reports vary from basic and simple to extensive and impressively detailed.

You can’t manage it, if you can’t measure it.

Various types of reports for key users of mCourser

For students

Each student registered on the LMS has full access to their reports showing results from a selected period. They can also see all parts of the eContent materials they accessed with complete insight into the given and proper answers.


For teachers

The uniqueness of mCourser is that, besides the aggregate reports, a teacher can observe each piece of eContent a particular student accessed on the LMS. Thanks to these reports, the teacher can recognize students’ difficulties and address them accordingly by suggesting additional interactive resources or giving direct hints, instructions, or explanations.

For the district admin

With mCourser, local educational organizations or school districts can collect general information regarding the school’s activity.


For the platform admin

The platform admin (e.g., an educational publisher or a ministry of education) can access all data generated by mCourser and eContent from all schools created on the platform. The data, down to the smallest detail, is stored in a BigQuery so that it can generate practically any report for the desired analysis. The abilities and skills in analyzing and interpreting the Big Data streams are a critical competitive advantage for educational publishers. Big Data analysis enables identifying the effectiveness of eContent and even the entire publishing strategy. We encourage you to read more about it here.

For the publisher admin

This role is nominated by the platform admin. Publishers can generate statistics on the use of their resources, e.g., what type of account visited a chosen resource, how many times a given resource was visited, and more. It is important to measure such stats to better understand users’ needs.


Discover the Big Data funcionality in mCourser, which forms the basis for high-quality reports.


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