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Adaptive Learning Paths

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Adaptive Learning Paths

Every single day mCourser collects millions of data from students solving digital activities,
playing educational games and completing the tasks assigned by their teachers. Together with the highly interactive eContent created with mAuthor and deployed in the platform, mCourser offers extensive Adaptive Learning capabilities making it the most advanced solution in this innovative area.

Equality in education – that’s one of our goals.

What is adaptive learning?

It’s a method based on the intelligent adaptation of educational resources to the needs and abilities of students. It allows to automatically adjust the pace of learning or the order of individual tasks to real didactic needs of each learner.

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies
Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

How does mCourser actually adapt the eContent?

Thanks to the fact that mCourser is a Cloud-based solution it is possible to gather enormous amounts of data collected from all interactions of students with the eContent deployed on the platform.

By observing how students are doing with their digital textbooks and tracing:

  • how much time they spend solving particular activity,
  • how many mistakes they do while interacting with it,
  • exactly what type of mistakes they make,
  • how many times they ask the system for a hint or to show the correct answer.

An access to such a huge amount of information allows publishers to make a variety of statistical analyses in different segments and groups and check what are the differences between students of particular background, skills, abilities or even disorders. Knowing this, publishers may prepare their materials to be able to use the Adaptive Learning method.

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