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Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Use digital power to follow every step of every user working with your eContent. The educational materials created with mAuthor can generate a vast number of information concerning particular learners’ behavior and their results. Use these data to give instant feedback to the learner or upgrade your eContent.

Create eContent capable of collecting information on all learners’ interactions.

The Big Data feature gives you many possibilities:

Adjust eContent based on data

With the developed functionality of Big Data Analytics, you can create intelligent eContent. Analyze the interaction of thousands of students with a particular material. Check how much time they spend solving exercises. Use this feedback to correct, adjust and perfect your eContent elements, making them more intelligent and reactive to students’ different behaviour.

Big data analytics in publishing
Present collected data easily

Easy collect and easy present data

All data generated by mAuthor’s eContent is stored in the Google BigQuery database, making it fully accessible by most programs (e.g., Google Data Studio). It gives the possibility to perform results through attractive visualizations.

Take advantage of becoming an ePublisher

Big Data Analytics functionality gradually shifts publishers into ePublishers. Change your paper-based materials toward highly intelligent, technology-driven Learning Systems. This will give you the ability to check how many times students tried to do a specific exercise, how many mistakes they did, or if the material was too complicated for them. All those data in one place for you to improve the quality of your educational resources. 

Improve educational materials thanks to big data

“94% of enterprises say data is essential to business growth.”

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