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Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Discover one simple solution for creating multilingual eContent! Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Thai, Hindi – our authoring tool gives an option to create truly international materials adjusted for each language and alphabet. Translating even the complex layout is convenient and straightforward. Check the multi-language mAuthor feature and start publishing for learners from all over the world.

Create content in any language you need!

Multilingualism in mAuthor is an entirely developed functionality

It supports:

  • non-Latin alphabets,
  • double-byte character sets (DBCS),
  • writing scripts,
  • writing in the right-to-left mode,
  • translating XLIFF file format,
  • easy translation with Translation Editor – convert your texts while observing introduced changes directly in the editing section.
Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

How does it work in our authoring tool?

Arabic alphabet

Besides the DBCS standard, mAuthor has implemented an exceptional functionality that enables writing in the right-to-left mode. It allows localizing Latin-based materials or simply creating the new eContent.

عندما يتعلق الأمر باللغة العربية، فإن دعم معايير DBCS ليس كافياً. بل كان من الضروري إضافة وظيفة خاصة تتيح لك الكتابة من اليمين إلى اليسار. وبفضل هذه الميزة أصبح بالإمكان تعريب المواد التي تعتمد الكتابة اللاتينية، أو ببساطة تطوير محتوى عربي جديد دون أية مشاكل.

Chinese alphabet

There are two mAuthor’s features that allow easily creating eContent in Chinese. The first – DBCS standard allows handling a vast number of specific characters. The second – WYSIWYG editing mode, which makes convenient and straightforward creation of the particular layout of Chinese texts.


Cyrillic alphabet

Using mAuthor you can export the texts from eContent to industry-standard XLIFF file format and use professional translating software. After the translation, import the files back and simply take care of the proper layout of the texts.

Обработка кириллицы приносит меньше технических проблем. С mAuthor Вы можете экспортировать тексты, включенные в Контент, созданный в формате стандартной промышленности .xliff файлов и использовать профессиональное программное обеспечение перевода. После того, как переводы сделаны вы можете импортировать файлы обратно и просто заботиться о правильной компоновке переведенных текстов.

Check out the materials created by our satisfied customers in French, German, Spanish or Arabic.


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