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eContent Development Platform

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eContent Development Platform

The versatility of mAuthor is demonstrated mainly by using it as a platform for managing a team of developers. A wide range of functions that the manager and each team member can use make this authoring platform a comprehensive solution that allows to create and manage the eContent process from one place effectively.

mAuthor is not just an authoring tool. It is a complete Development Platform
support and manage the ePublishing process.

Manage the whole process using the following features:

Control over the eDevelopment Process

Project Management
You have centralized control of the development process by observing the progress of different team members. You can assign projects to various Project Teams working in different locations or event control the workflow of projects outsourced to external companies. The content development project can be organized according to the Kanban methodology.

Workflow Management
You can assign tasks to different project roles including: authors, instructional designers, editors, graphic designers, reviewers, and testers or create your roles. Team members can communicate and give instant feedback on created materials.

Version Controlt
mAuthor is equipped with an advanced system that takes care of your project’s files, data integrity and consistency. Moreover, it prevents the loss of the project team’s valuable work.

Control over the eDevelopment Process
Localization Support

Localization Support

Would you like to license books or interactive materials? mAuthor gives you tools that enable easy translating and versioning of already developed eContent.

You may:

  • export the texts embedded inside the Activities to external XLIFF format,
  • import them back to the translated files,
  • use advanced Translation Editor to adjust materials to different languages,
  • easy translate for non-Latin based alphabets – the tool handle double-byte character sets.
SaaS Model
Openness to the new functionalities

SaaS Model

mAuthor platform works in the Software as a Service model (SaaS). Its highly reliable operation is secured by deploying Cloud services from the top worldwide providers.
It allows us to deliver undisrupted service and provides the necessary flexibility to scale up service along with the growing needs of our Development Teams.

Openness to the new functionalities

mAuthor is continuously adjusted to the market and customers’ needs. We regularly introduce updates to make it compatible with new EdTech standards. Our team implements all suggestions and develops custom Modules according to our client’s specific requirements. Due to the SaaS model, new updates are immediately available to all subscribing customers.
Our Support Service is available to help you maximize efficiency and use all mAuthor capabilities if any issue occurs.

You can make an appointment with our mAuthor expert for an interactive tutorial.


Accessibility & WCAG 2.1 Compliance
Big Data Analytics
Responsive Design Capabilities
Multi-Language Support

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