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Big Data Analytics

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Big Data Analytics

Employ the combined capabilities of mCourser and mAuthor to analyze all interactions between LMS users and your eContent. Identify their exact needs and expectations through numerous small-scale case studies. Use this powerful knowledge to increase teacher effectiveness and student success.

Use Big Data analytics and strengthen the integration between your
business models and your pedagogical mission.

Fine-tune your eContent

Analyze the interactions and behavior patterns of students, teachers and other users in your eLearning environment.
Assess whether the concepts and ideas in your digital learning resources are clear and straightforward.
Test and verify the effectiveness of your eContent with detailed reports on students’ actions and results – from a single activity to the entire course.
Compare your methods and identify the most effective pedagogical approach.
Provide adaptive learning opportunities and ensure equal chances for students with different backgrounds, skills, abilities, and disabilities.

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Leverage your strengths

Recognize teachers’ or learners’ differences in the context of e.g. different geographical location, large town vs. villages, particular background, skills, abilities or disorders.
Correct and adapt  your digital materials in real-time and instantly check their effectiveness and improve the quality. No more waiting for a paper based reprint!
Segment your learners, adjust your methods, and deliver solutions they desire.
Rationalize your digital publishing decisions and put your effort into the most effective solutions.
Build teachers and students effectiveness and satisfaction and thus increase your sales.

Easy collect and easy present your data

To make it even easier for you to analyze large amounts of information, all data collected by the system is saved and stored in the Google Big Query database. Thanks to this, you can analyze all collected data in popular analytical programs, such as Google Looker Studio, and present them in the form of attractive charts and visualizations.

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“95% of businesses report that one of the problems for their business
is the need to manage unstructured data.”




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