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Cornelsen Experimenta with our authoring tool mAuthor

We are happy to announce that Cornelsen Experimenta from Germany has joined the group of mAuthor users. This is yet another large educational publisher who appreciated our authoring tool’s quality and powerful capabilities. With the growing number of publishers choosing mAuthor as the main development tool for their digital projects it becomes for digital educational publishing the standard solution of the first choice, similarly as Adobe’s InDesign is for traditional print publishing.

mAuthor is a combination of a powerful Authoring Tool and a cloud-based eContent Development Platform, dedicated to building highly interactive educational digital content and coordinating the workflow of project teams involved in its creation. With this cooperation, Cornelsen Experimenta enlarged the group of leading educational publishers including: Pearson, Editis Group, Anaya, Porto Editora and many others with whom we are privileged to work on their digital projects.

Who is Cornelsen Experimenta?

Cornelsen Experimenta is one of the leading publishers, for over 40 years supporting the educational market with teaching materials for natural science education. They offer experimental materials from kindergarten, elementary school to lessons in secondary school based on proven concepts.