Primary Math!: forget traditional textbooks

Learning math is often a challenge; it’s not like a language we’ve been using from our earliest years. Young minds often struggle to understand its complex issues. Even if separate parts finally become clear, it can be a difficult task to put them all together and see them as a whole.

When some see learning primary math as a tedious task, we believe it can be simple and successful. For us, all is possible when learning is interactive, engaging, and igniting curiosity. Discovering math with all its complexity and wonder with traditional textbooks may be effective; however, modern methods can be even more effective, while making learning a lot easier and more fun! With this goal in mind, we created “Primary Math!”: a set of innovative & interactive math eTextbooks for modern educational publishers, teachers, and students.

Revolutionary methodology for interactive math

Our program is based on groundbreaking Finnish methodology, which has been recognized worldwide. It’s proven to be not only highly effective but also captivating, illuminating, and fun. Primary Math! is based on renowned Finnish textbooks, transformed into truly interactive resources, and enriched with many different types of multimedia. The revolutionary Finnish methodology employs:

  • experimental math,
  • multiple methods,
  • visualization of mathematical thinking,
  • various strategies,
  • an individualized learning process,
  • language of mathematics.

Great chance for ePublishers

Interestingly, teachers and students are not the only ones who greatly benefit from EdTech (educational technology). The wide variety of EdTech solutions create truly engaging and fascinating modern education. Employing valuable eContent and ICT tools is the right course for educational publishers who are looking for a strong advantage in the competitive educational market.

Primary Math! can be a pivotal part of your offer or a valuable addition to your existing educational resources. We encourage you to contact us and learn more about your opportunities – we will be happy to answer all your questions.


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