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VR Immersive LMS

VR Immersive LMS

Our innovative platform mCourser brings education to life and makes the learning process even more interactive and engaging. Now it has the completely immersive Virtual Reality Interface. With our cutting-edge technology, students can step into a virtual world and experience education like never before.

Virtual reality is like dreaming with your eyes open.

Brennan Spiegel

Structure of VR Immersive LMS

Virtual School consists of five distinct 3D spaces:

1. Main Lobby
2. Private Space
3. School Lobby
4. Classrooms
5. Groups

In each space (aside the private one) the user will see other people walking around and hear them talking, there will be possibility to interact and participate in conversations, classes and more.


Main lobby
Starting point

In the Main Lobby you are able to walk around freely using VR teleportation (even on a mobile phone inserted into a VR set) and go to one of the next places through doors that lead to:

1. School Lobby
2. Groups
3. Private Space
4. Publishers’ Shops

It is very tall, big, open and bright structure in the modern architecture style. Users access their individual menu to customize profiles, navigate to different places, find and invite people.

Private space
Learn how you like, do your assignments

Private Space is made for individual learning with a possibility to invite friends or an AI Tutor.

In this place users have access to their Resources tab of mCourser.com LMS, browse and access interactive lessons, work with them and come back when finished.


School lobby
Meet with others, go to Class

Here users can find their lesson schedule, news and calendar as interactive objects in front of them.
In this zone users see other students and teachers of this school walking around and are be able to:

1. Walk around, talk to them and interact
2. Be teleported to an active Class selected on the Lesson Schedule
3. Browse all their Classes on a list and:

a. View their dashboards
b. Teleport to them

Class / Group
Listen, look, speak and interact like you’re there

Initially the user sees the Class / Group dashboard (as a part of the interface not the place), and behind it there are people talking, participating and interacting. Users are connected by all kinds of devices and from various locations with their webcams/screens shared optionally.

In the center point – the teacher sharing the screen on a large virtual screen, that each user can also display just in front of them.

Classes are created and maintained by School Administrators, while Groups maintained by the teachers.


Users can walk around the school, starting in the Main Lobby and choosing where to go from there – directly to an ongoing Class, to a Group or to the Private Space to work alone.

What do you need to participate in VR Immersive LMS?

Every user will have the possibility to use it either in a traditional way using a computer or a mobile device, but also to enter VR session on a VR headset like Meta Quest 2, HTC Focus 3 and compatible, so also a mobile device placed in a cardboard-type goggles. Access from all devices will provide the same functionality, so no one will be excluded.



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