Success story of implementing Learnetic’s eLearning solutions in Poland during the pandemic

(March-June 2020)

Case Study

It is still too early to state with absolute certainty whether the end of the school year ends distance education. However, difficult as this time was for education, it also resulted in a considerable number substantial changes in eLearning.

The following report has been based on data collected from our distance educational tools and solutions, such as the Polish instance of mCourser – Dzwonek.pl, as well as the Polish instance of mInstructor – eKreda.pl. Additionally, all resources available on the two partforms have been taken into account.

Over 60% of schools in Poland registered on mCourser

In the last four months, the number of schools registered on Dzwonek.pl – the Polish instance of mCourser – has increased more than threefold, with about 60% of the schools in Poland now registered on the platform.

More than 1500 interactive lessons created by Polish teachers

Ready-made resources are very useful, but nothing substitutes for self-prepared materials. In the last four months alone the number of e-lessons created with the Polish instance of mInstractor has tripled, reaching more than 1500 interactive educational resources available free of charge to all registered teachers.

Over 170 eTextbooks available free of charge

The great interest in the Polish instance of mCourser was also sparked by publishers’ campaign of providing free access to commercial educational resources on mCourser. Immediately after the school closure, paid learning resources were offered to teachers and students free of charge.

The biggest competition for students in the world organized online

Not only classes but educational contests have also moved to virtual reality. The largest student competition worldwide – the International Mathematical Kangaroo 2020 – was carried out remotely via mCourser.

4 conferences, 34 webinars, 40 000 spectators

The change in the teaching environment, especially so sudden one, required more than just the provision of appropriate resources and tools. Various types of assistance for teachers and school administration in the form of training and advice on how to organise and conduct distance learning have proved to be crucial.

14 schools and 365 teachers trained

As part of the regional activities, we’ve launched a pilot action for schools within the Pomerania Province. Selected schools received free access to the premium features of mCourser (including video lessons), as well as full support allowing for a comprehensive implementation of the Learning Management System. The pilot project will last until the end of the upcoming school year.

Shared interactive lessons on TV & via LMS

During the school closure, the students were also supported by television. Learnetic prepared interactive educational materials for teachers hosting Korki.tv – the TV show addressed to Polish students – and then made these resources available free of charge on mCourser.


Implementing e-learning solutions has always been a challenge, but it has never been as needed as now. The steps we took to make this work included the right tools, resources, and assistance for schools and teachers. Thanks to a comprehensive approach to remote learning, about 60% of schools in Poland have already registered on mCourser.

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