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In the inevitably evolving world of educational publishing, recognizing ongoing shifts is essential. We’re back from BETT 2024, and what an incredible experience it was! A huge thank you to everyone who connected with us and exchanged profound observations and ideas. We’ll outline few of them here.

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Whales, sharks and piranhas of educational publishing

The competitive landscape of educational publishing is changing, smiliar to the vibrant life within the ocean. The traditional giants of textbook publishing can no longer navigate the waters unchallenged and may be perceived as becoming endangered species. Large sharks, in the form of major technology companies, are entering the education sector with communication systems widely used by millions of students and teachers. Meanwhile, big whales, represented by ministries of education, offer free, open digital educational resources. Additionally, dangerous piranhas, in the form of hundreds of small edtech companies, try to aggressively attract students and teachers with their innovative solutions. An alarming and slightly scary vision of a highly competitive environment? Don’t worry, please keep reading.

A consensus appears to have been reached. For leaders of educational publishing powerhouses, this may be a call to action: protect your market position by enriching your products with digital interactivity and scalability for broad distribution.

We see ourselves as friendly dolphins in this analogy, swimming through the vast digital seas with expertise and grace. With experience gained from over 350 digitization projects in 50 countries, we’re well prepared to assist you in your journey through educational ePublishing evolution – our experts are ready to discuss how to assess the nuances of your publishing process and the richness of your resources.

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Technologies are only as good as their implementation

On the surface, CTOs and IT managers every now and then face the challenge of striking a balance between adopting innovative technologies and maintaining operational stability, a common dilemma in enterprise-level organizations.

A key insight is that established companies prioritize a tailored approach over one-size-fits-all strategy. This aligns well with our offerings, particularly in implementing WCAG 2.2 compliance, authoring lessons with AI-assisted feedback, refining big data and enhancing adaptive learning paths.

We begin with a proof of concept and fine-tune it towards the final solution while complying with technical standards and meeting regulatory requirements. This approach consistently proves beneficial for all involved parties. Contact us to start a discussion and explore the transformative possibilities.

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Good things come in threes

Allow us a moment of pride. Our offering has been recognized by the esteemed BETT Awards jury not just once or twice, but three times!

This year, our mTalent program was a finalist in the Special Educational Needs category. With nearly 25 000 digital screens, it stands as one of the world’s most comprehensive online libraries designed specifically for therapists and teachers. It provides materials, activities, and resources tailored to supporting young learners with special educational and development needs.

Recently, mTalent has been translated into English and adapted for the U.S. market under the new Learnigo brand. This platform offers specialized programs targeting key areas such as articulation, language, social communication, concentration, memory, listening, handwriting, dyscalculia, auditory processing disorders, with more innovations on the way. We’re open to discuss distribution opportunities for other countries and languages as well.

Feel that excitement one more time

Let us once more express our gratitude for visiting us at BETT 2024. Your interest and feedback on our Learnetic Educational ePublishing Suite are what drive us to innovate and excel.
Stay tuned for more updates and see you soon!