First edition of the mAuthor SUMMIT

The first edition of the mAuthor SUMMIT has come to an end. It a was great honour for us to host over 40 guests from more that 20 different countries who came to meet and share their experience on mAuthor. We would like to thank you for you travel effort, but most of all, for the time that we spent together.


For those who already use mAuthor it was a perfect occasion to learn about Learnetic’s plans concerning its development directions. The participants not only learned what new features we will introduce in the near future, but they could also express their own expectations about the functionalities they would like us to implement in the next releases.

During one of the sessions our guests were telling about their experiences, what they like and dislike and what they would like to change or improve to make the development process quicker, smoother and even more effective. For those who were new to mAuthor it was a perfect occasion to learn about its powerful features and get a first hand opinions coming from its current users.

The participants were invited also to showcase their products developed in mAuthor to the other participants. We are all absolutely impressed by the quality of the products presented and about creativity of the developers. We’re happy to see that mAuthor users were not only able to exploit its most advanced features, but they went even beyond that and created their own techniques and solutions that extend the tool’s capabilities. All these made the products presented the most advanced and most attractive pieces of interactive digital content ever. Thank you!


The participants could also take part in two hands-on Workshops during which they could focus on two major areas concerning new mAuthor’s capabilities i.e. Adaptivity and WCAG 2.0. During the first workshop they could learn how to develop the content to exploit the extensive Adaptive Learning capabilities of mAuthor and how to create the content in such a way for it to dynamically adapt to the learner’s results or behaviour.

During the second workshop they learned what the mAuthor’s WCAG 2.0 capabilities are and how to make the content accessible for learners with certain disabilities. We believe that mAuthor is an indisputable leader in these areas and we want to make sure that its users are able to fully exploit it capabilities and thus outpace your competitors or simply comply with extensive WCAG requirements of their potential clients

Integrating Print & Digital

The Learnetic’s CEO Artur Dyro has presented, for the very first time, the newest concept concerning the integration of print and digital development processes. The new idea shall allow publishers to significantly increase the effectiveness of the development paths of the print and digital projects, which share significant part of common content elements like texts, pictures, photos or illustrations but are finally implemented in different media, i.e. books on one hand, and digital interactive online courses on the other. The new development platform will allow for rapid parallel prototyping of the print and digital project and as an output will provide InDesign format project file(s) for the final print based development and the mAuthor format project file(s) for the final digital based development. The prototype of this new platform was introduced during the Summit and its first Beta version for the tests and pilots will be available by the end Q1 2020. Several publishes present at the Summit expressed their positive reaction and declared readiness for the Beta tests once available.


The Summit was also a splendid occasion for having informal meetings, chats and discussion, where we had a chance to make new friends from different countries, yet having a common work background, experiences or interests.


Thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you during the next edition of the mAuthor SUMMIT.

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