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Functional Modules

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Functional Modules

The Functional Modules are the main building blocks of highly interactive eContent. You can create educational materials without any knowledge of software programming. Modules facilitate the process so far that even users of different skills may take an active role
in the complex publishing process.

Functional Modules are an incredible help for all authors who want to
create varied and engaging digital content.

What is the structure of created eContent?

The basic block are the Modules of specific functionality. By using them you may create different functional Activities which are blocks for interactive Pages. The set of Pages creates a Lesson and the set of Lessons is used to build a Course.

Samples of the most commonly used Modules by our customers:

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies
Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Advanced Modules:

Mathematical Modules

Handling mathematical equations can be challenging for every text editing program, but not for mAuthor. You can design numerous activities on polynomials, fractions, graphs, plots or pie charts. You may also simulate writing calculations or drawing figures.

Set of samples of highly functional Math Modules:

mAuthor handles LaTeX – a widely accepted standard used for communicating and publishing scientific documents in mathematics, physics or computer science. It allows the user to quickly build advanced mathematical equations, draw interactive functions or write complex scientific formulas.

Learn more about interactive description of advanced Math functionalities.

Edu-Games & Media Modules

Add a bit of fun to learning activities! Functional engines of the Edu-Games Modules allow the design of a number of attractive exercises. They may be converted into engaging edutainment experiences.

How does it work?

You simply load a local database of a particular game with the content of a certain discipline and allow the student to get an entertaining learning experience. While solving the task, they are asked to input some answers, discover hidden words, remember phrases or associate pictures with their descriptions.
The modules are enriched with vast Multimedia resources: sounds, animations, films, drawings, text audio, coloring, 3D viewers. Forget about flat PDFs. Convert your pictures into lively animations, replace photos with high-quality videos, and skip long paragraphs for engaging simulations.

Check functional examples of the Edu-Games Modules:

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies
Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

Reporting Modules

All mAuthor’s modules aggregate very detailed information on learners’ activity. Such information is used to give instant, valuable feedback directly to the student and to produce reports of achieved results and indications of a particular learner’s strong and weak parts.

A teacher can see how long the student was working with the material and what the student’s exact answers were, how many times they were trying to solve the activity, or if they asked for help.

Check fully functional examples of the Edu Games:

Scripting Modules

mAuthor is an open architecture application with an external plug-in interface. It gives you practically unlimited possibilities to create educational materials. Thanks to the javascript-based Advanced Connector module, you can script any specific and customized functionality beyond the built-in modules.

Check the functional modules examples:

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

    You may customize each Module to your very special requirements.


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