GLOBAL SURVEY on the K-12 digital transformation

GLOBAL SURVEY on the Digital Transformation of the K-12 Educational Publishing Business

Check at what point of the transformation your market and your company are today. Help us to draw a map of digital transformation and to create an educational ePublishing roadmap for the next 5 years.

Many industries are in the process of digital transformation. Most education publishers already offer a variety of digital content, but in most markets, printed textbooks are still the focus of their offering and digital content is only supplementary material.

How is the world of education really changing? How does digital transformation work, depending on the market? What is the decisive factor today while choosing educational methods? To answer these and other questions we’ve prepared a global survey on the Digital Transformation of the K-12 Educational Publishing Business.

All the answers we’ll be gathered in a comprehensive report. If you want to have an impact on the final shape of the report, join in and fill out a survey.

Your opinion really matters!
It’s an important voice that builds a broader perspective of the educational publishing digital transformation.