Join free webinar connecting European EdTech experts

Join free webinar connecting European EdTech experts – “Building Learning Management Systems around Europe”

Meet online world-class digital solutions providers. Artur Dyro, Learnetic’s CEO will show how Learnetic’s technology changes modern education. 

Find an opportunity to meet up with representatives from EdTech companies from Germany, Poland and Russia who build innovative digital education & LMS solutions.

Among European EdTech experts Artur Dyro will present our company and show how our digital solutions helped others, both traditional and modern publishers, to get ready and start winning in this new era of accelerated digital transformation.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 01st March 2022 from 11:00-01:00 CET. The whole event takes place online and is free of charge. Make sure to register in advance!

The event is organized by the SIBB – Digital Business Association Berlin – Brandenburg. The organization connects the players in the digital industry and represents their interests in society, politics and business.