mAuthor Summit 2019 – Caroline Moore’s speech

Many thanks to Caroline Moore who participated in the mAuthor Summit as a keynote speaker, and delivered a very well-received speech during the second day of the event. Backed by a great deal of experience regarding consultancy and product development in digital education, MS Moore presented her vision on how the mobile learning has changed over the past 10 years, and what we learned during this period of time.

She provided the details regarding the research she has been conducting since 2010 on the future of the coursebooks and the learner behaviour, then went to presenting the results of her case studies based on three mlearning products, ending with a short discussion on emerging technologies.

Short Bio

Caroline Moore’s (MA in Second Language Learning and Teaching) main background is in English as a foreign language teaching, but as she says she has been spending quite a lot of her time working for a company that provides applications and content management platforms for publishers. Additionally, she was a co-founder of a start-up company, held senior level posts at the British Council and has a long standing interest in language learning technologies.

Watch the full speech below: