Improve your learning management with the new features of mCourser LMS!

Improve your learning management with the new features of mCourser LMS!

Taking care of all students and teachers requires improving the LMS platform with new solutions and features facilitating the learning process. Making mCourser more customizable, versatile and above all to live up to teachers’ expectations we’ve created new functionality:

results filter in the groups and classes view.

From now on every teacher can filter and view the results of their students in a group or class immediately. Check step by step how to use it in both cases.

Learning Management: Filtering in Groups

  1. Move to Groups My Students
  2. Choose one of your groups from the Select group dropdown. (Only students from the chosen group will appear on the list.)
  3. Choose a resource from the Select collection dropdown (this dropdown lists resources owned by the teacher and at least one student of the chosen group

Learning management: Filtering in Classes

  1. Move to School → My ClassesStudents
  2. Enter the student’s first or last name in the Search student field or choose one of the resources from the Select collection dropdown.

Selecting a resource shows each student’s results in the resource.

This feature refers to students’ independent, individual work in the Resources tab. It doesn’t show the results of Assignments nor Assessments… yet.

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