Learnetic’s new AI Technology

Learnetic’s new AI Technology driven solutions that will take your eContent to the next level!

As a leading provider of eContent Authoring Tools and LMS platforms for K-12 educational publishers, we already started implementing AI and machine learning technology in our major products and services. Discover four major areas of their implementation. Each of these AI elements can soon be applied to your new projects, but also incorporated to your existing products or services.

1. Supporting teachers – Automatic grading of open-ended questions and non-objective activities

We have developed a machine-learning algorithm for the automatic grading of open activities. For this purpose, we use our proprietary solution based on a pre-trained model that has been optimized for the efficiency and effectiveness of analyzing and interpreting large amounts of language data. The model is language and topic neutral. This feature allows publishers to include non-objective open-question activities in their interactive educational materials and provide students an easy way to verify (grade) their open text answers which can greatly aid their learning process. This feature is also being implemented to help teachers in assessing and grading large numbers of students’ answers to open-ended questions or non-objective activities. 

Ready AI solutions

 The entire automatic grading process is based on close cooperation between eContent created in mAuthor – our most powerful authoring tool, and mCourser – our most flexible white-label LMS platform. Before an open-ended activity can be automatically graded, mCourser must first collect a number of real teachers ratings/grades for that particular activity. Once enough (usually around 200) real teacher ratings have been collected, the activity becomes “smart enough” to automatically grade students’ responses. Once such an open-ended activity is “well-learned” in the mAuthor-mCourser environment, it can be “exported”, embedded in any mAuthor based eContent package, and then deployed in any LMS or VLE platform. However, such functionality can be best exploited in our mCourser LMS where it can greatly support its extensive Assessment functionality.

2. Supporting learners – Meaningful comments on student’s descriptive answers

We use a Large Language Model to provide elaborative comments on students’ answers to open questions. It means that students are able to get not only a grade but also a precise comment about the merit of their answer as well as their grammar and spelling consistency. Publishers (or more strictly – content authors) that create students’ material are able to profile AI-generated comments by adding relevant prompts as a part of their editorial process for open activities.

Example of meaningful comment from ChatGPT

Learnetic SA - Educational ePublishing Services & Technologies

3. Conversational AI chatbot – to ask, discuss, and simply learn more

Imagine that each student has a personal assistant who answers their questions about a particular subject or a specific topic. We provide the capability to add a conversational AI chatbot to support the interactive content created by educational publishers. The AI chatbot can be profiled by the publisher (content author) according to the topic, age, and abilities of the students for whom the materials are prepared. Students can communicate with the AI chatbot using text or voice, which makes eContent not only fully interactive but also very WCAG-friendly

VR LMS mCourser

4. Intelligent pronunciation assessment

Advanced AI driven pronunciation assessment technology introduces completely new possibilities in language learning. After recoding a few words or phrases, students can get not only an overall rating of how good their pronunciation is, but also extensive analysis and suggestions on aspects of their articulation that need to be addressed and improved.. This is especially useful for students who have trouble speaking aloud in class or in front of a teacher or tutor. We currently support English, but other languages should be available in the coming months.

All the above mentioned capabilities will soon be available to mAuthor users. It will enable content creators, EdTech companies, and K-12 publishers to use AI technology in practice to create more engaging and effective teaching and learning digital materials. Many of the presented mechanisms work best when used together with our mCourser LMS platform, but in most cases they are connected with the mAuthor originated eContent packages, which can be deployed in any other LMS or eLearning platform. 


We will start presenting the first AI driven mAuthor based content samples at the beginning of July 2023. If you want to be the first to learn about it, fill out the form below. We will contact you about the dates of upcoming webinars or an individual dedicated presentation.