5 phases of the digital advancement of educational materials

5 phases of the digital advancement of educational materials

As the tech-savvy generations push the educational publishing industry into digital, we prepared a complete guide that can respond to those users’ needs and is practical assistance for publishers in eContent creation.

Most educational publishers already offer numerous digital products, but these usually play a supplementary or supportive role to the main printed textbooks. We are now entering an age when both teachers and pupils have lived their entire lives in a digital world. This, combined with new business models and funding from public education bodies, means that digital products are now set to take center stage.

We prepared for all educational publishers a comprehensive guide about the five phases of digital advancement that every publisher can implement, regardless of the digital sophistication. We explain in each phase what functionalities are covered and what the benefits are for publishers, teachers and students. The guide is enriched with interactive samples and tips on how to begin a digital journey and what to look for. 

The guide includes:

  • The five phases of the digital advancement of educational materials with all its usual functionalities and features
  • Statistics about Internet adoption and its global use
  • Answer to the question “Why does digitization of educational materials matter?”
  • Solutions for digitizing educational materials
  • Tips on how to distribute digital textbooks

Upgrade your educational materials step by step, improving their interactivity and accessibility.