eConference - Special Educational Needs in new reality

Special Educational Needs and distance support

The area of Special Educational Needs (SEN), which is still relatively niche in Polish education, attracted a over 6500 therapists, teachers and headmasters to participate in the educational eConference on the organisation of remote psychological and pedagogical support using eLearning solutions.

About our event

The conference on special educational needs is the second event of its kind. After the success of the first conference for educational managers, we decided to hold another one, this time devoted to the issue of remote therapy that can be continued using dedicated eLearning solutions.

The primary objectives of the conference “Remote Teaching and Special Educational Needs” were to show participants how distance psychological and pedagogical support should be organised, especially what methods can be successfully used and what should be avoided, as well as to demonstrate how therapists, children and their parents deal with the current situation that greatly changed the educational system. Therefore the event was also a splendid platform for the exchange of experiences between therapists and teachers, who needed to find their way around the new reality.

The huge interest in the conference proved that the topic of special educational needs cannot be neglected. A vast number of therapists, SEN teachers and above all their patients have recently been deprived of the care and tools needed to continue their work and therapy.

Referring to the conference’s final conclusion – the only solution in the current situation are eLearning multimedia resources that should be available to every therapist and SEN teacher. However, it is critical that these eLearning resources are safe, guarantee proper work hygiene and allow to cooperate remotely.


Conference “Remote teaching and special educational needs” was held on 22 April, participation was free of charge. The conference lasted over 5 hours, the speeches were delivered by 9 speakers. Due to the attendance of 6500 people, the conference could be watched on a special webinar platform or live on Facebook.

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