Introducing English Now!

English Now!

We are happy to announce that we have enriched our product portfolio with a completely new and comprehensive English course in the most up to date format. We have developed an interactive English language course for teenagers and adults. The fully interactive resources are made for beginner and intermediate users of the language.

English Now! comprises 4 parts covering A1, A2, B1 and B2 language levels of proficiency.

Discover nearly 1200 engaging ePages full of interactive exercises, packed in over 150 lessons.

Interactive course for teenagers and adults

Our course has been designed as to take full advantage of the limited time a learner can devote to study. English Now! focuses on developing the communication abilities and everyday language skills. While developing English Now! we have put great emphasis on varied adult-oriented content as well as tasks testing listening comprehension skills, while making the experience easy, engaging and entertaining.

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Not your average language app

What distinguishes English Now! among numerous language online courses or apps is the fact English Now!  includes a variety of multimedia, vocabulary, and lexical resources that support the contextualised learning approach and help learners quickly implement English in real life conversations. An astonishing array of of engaging educational games and interactive quizzes, three different types of lesson for each topic, and full mobile optimization – English Now! is much more than just another boring online language application. Are you ready start your journey towards success? Take care of your career advancement and learn whenever you like in the environment that works best for your needs!

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Self-study or group work

When used for group learning, the English Now! can be deployed in an LMS, opening up tremendous opportunities for teachers, such as assigning tasks, and receiving detailed data on their students’ performance. If you want to learn more about our Learning Management System that provides distribution of educational materials and assignments, receiving responses while taking advantage of individual, automatically generated reports on your students’ performance, visit mCourser and watch the video about our distance learning solutions.

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