Our AI know-how shared during the EEPG Conference in Turin, Italy.

Our AI know-how shared during the EEPG Conference in Turin, Italy.

On June 21st, 2023 in Turin, Italy, the European Educational Publishers Group (EEPG), in collaboration with S. Lattes & C. Editori S.p.A., organized an open conference dedicated to educational publishers and EdTech leaders. The conference focused on the vital topics of Inclusivity and Accessibility in K12 Education.


The program featured renowned experts from different fields of education, technology providers as well as publishing. Amongst them were Cristina Mussinelli from Libri Italiani Accessibili (LIA), Artur Dyro (Learnetic), Dominik Lukes (University of Oxford), and Jana Huttova (UNICEF).

Over the course of two eventful days in Turin, the discussions revolved around the importance of scholastic content, the integration of Ukrainian students into host countries’ schools, and the new borders of artificial intelligence in textbooks and teaching materials.

Learnetic’s CEO, Artur Dyro, shared the latest AI knowledge and solutions that can be used by educational publishers. He presented our AI-driven tools that facilitate the process of creation of educational eContent and enrich teaching and learning experiences.


The EEPG connects educational publishers from 24 European countries, who collaborate and meet periodically to exchange ideas, projects and good practices on the future of school and educational materials.