The real impact of Learnetic’s activities on the future of European digital education

Everyone from the educational publishing industry sees that digitization is no longer a future perspective but a reality that changes the traditional learning approach. Educational publishers are at the stage that needs to clarify their objectives, development policy and present their approach to the European Union’s (EU) policymakers.

Digital education solutions as a current EU topic

With the progressing digitization and emerging new technological tools that can be used in education, the EU is discussing how best the public and private sectors can work together to support the education ecosystem. The leitmotif is digital educational solutions that will result from cross-sectoral cooperation and shape the final direction of teaching development. The entire educational publishing industry will have to adapt to these conditions and support their implementation.

Meeting of decisive publishers in Frankfurt

The EdTech and educational publishers market comprises multiple sectors, representing companies with different experiences, technological advancement and knowledge bases. On 27-28 February, key players representing those sectors as an EU EdTech Working Group met in Frankfurt to define common goals and mechanisms for working together. Among the participants were the Educational Publishers Forum members from Germany, Poland (represented by us, Learnetic), Austria, Ireland, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The main discussion topics were attitudes to Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, chatbox in educational materials, the role of traditional publishers and EdTech company in the educational ecosystem, and public-private partnerships. The presentation of the meeting result – the final document for the EU – is planned on April 2023.

A significant role of publishers and EdTech companies in digital education

Regardless of the digital framework developed by the EU, the position of the entire industry remains unchanged. Our role as educational publishers and EdTech companies in creating EU digital education is crucial. We are major partners in the educational ecosystem and the knowledge society. We provide the latest technology that makes classes interactive, engaging and learning resources that are highly substantive based on a pedagogical approach.

The next meeting of the EU EdTech Working Group is planned on April 2023 in London.