European Educational Publishers in Gdańsk

Network meeting of the European Educational Publishers in Gdańsk

This month we co-organized a three-day EEPG (European Educational Publishing Group) network meeting in Gdańsk. The main topic was “Digital transformation in K-12 and educational publishing”. The event brought together keynote speakers and over 30 educational publishers from all over Europe. It was a valuable time for sharing the perspective of the local market, assessing digitization progress, and discovering the latest Edtech solutions.

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During the annual network meeting, we concentrated on one of the most pressing issues educational publishers are facing – challenges and chances of digital transformation in education. We were sharing experiences about Open Educational Resources and their influence on European publishers and getting to know a Finnish case study about meeting new digital trends. The main discussion was about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT – their opportunities, threats, and practical implementations in education.

Four keynote speakers were invited for the EEPG meeting : Rafał Lew-Starowicz, Miriam Plieninger, Dr Michael Hallisy, and Cecylia Szymańska. Their speeches were about the Polish educational system and its readiness for digital transformation; assessment methods of the quality of educational products and the progress of the ongoing research by the European Commission on the Digital Education Content market.

Besides interesting and inspiring presentations and talks by renowned keynote speakers, there was ample opportunity to present participants’ ideas and new products. Representatives from Systime (Denmark), Cornelsen (Germany), Profil Klett (Croatia), NAM (Faroe Islands), Learnetic (Poland), and Otava (Finland) presented their products including AI and conversational chatbots that facilitate individual learning, and assessment. Moreover Learnetic representative revealed the first results of a GLOBAL SURVEY on the Digital Transformation of the K-12 Educational Publishing Business.

Watch a short video from the EEPG network meeting in Gdańsk:

In addition to merits-related presentations, there was an opportunity to visit the Old Town of Gdańsk, the famous Sopot Pier, and listen to a concert on the eighteenth-century organ in the Archcathedral Basilica.

As a host, we would like to thank all participants for coming and active participation!


What is EEPG?

The EEPG – European Educational Publishers Group is a non-profit organization connecting educational publishers from 24 countries in Europe. Members are dedicated to furthering the quality of education in their countries and abroad. They exchange ideas and best practice examples in creating and producing learning materials for all ages. If you are an educational publisher and would like to join the EEPG, please write to