Let’s provide children from Ukraine with books in their native language

Let’s provide children from Ukraine with books in their native language

As an educational publisher, we want to use our potential by extending the educational aid campaign to Ukrainians residing in Europe. After publishing interactive textbooks and phrasebooks, the time has come to equip schools with books for Ukraine children!

In the circumstances of the never-ending war in Ukraine, we ask schools, libraries, foundations, reception and help points for Ukrainians with a proposal to support children in our country by supplying institutions with books in Ukrainian. We believe that those will bring a smile to many faces and will support teachers in conducting lessons, despite the lack of an established education support system.

Books from an educational publishing house in Kharkiv

We closely work with the Ukrainian educational publishing house Ranok, which has its headquarters and warehouses in the bombed Kharkiv. Currently, they have launched a special transport of books to Poland (the list of titles can be found in the link below). Their current offer includes books for children, teenagers, fiction, non-fiction and educational literature. (green titles are the titles that are available for the order at the moment)

If you are interested in acquiring books for your institution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A letter from Kharkiv

A representative of the Ukrainian publishing house Ranok wrote a special letter in which she presents the current situation in Kharkiv and the possibilities of supporting the publishing house.