Learnetic joined the Worlddidac Association!

Being in the worldwide association gathering key players of the education business is not only a huge chance to share members’ experiences but also to create, together, a new shape of education.

In May 2022, Learnetic SA became a member of the Worlddidac Association. It is the global trade association for the educational resources industry. They work equally with all education sectors, all countries and all relevant national associations endeavoring to improve education globally. Worlddidac has a huge impact on the development of education worldwide.

Huge step forward in digitizing the education industry with Worlddidac

Being a member of this organization gives endless networking possibilities throughout the education sector. Worlddidac members are manufacturers of educational materials, dealers, distributors, international associations, governmental institutions, schools, universities and private entrepreneurs working in the education business at all levels and in all fields.

The world’s leading business forum created within Worlddidac promotes trade and investment within the education market worldwide. Together with other participants, we will support the infrastructure needed to deliver quality education. The membership also gives us an opportunity to work closely with UNESCO on world education issues. Thanks to that we’ll have a real impact on how education will be changing within the next few years.

Worlddidac is one big family. It doesn’t matter how far we are from each other if we follow one aim and share the same values” – Kateryna Schuetz, former Business Development Director.