Learnetic’s educational tools scheme

Learnetic’s eLearning Ecosystem

Complete solution

The closure of schools has shown that remote lessons cannot be based on CDs, incompatible applications or obsolete technology. Distance learning has to consist of well-thought-out elements that collectively form a powerful ecosystem of collaboration and learning that integrates students, teachers, e-teachers and educational institutions.

Authoring tools, LMS, and much more

Our solution puts students and teachers at the heart of the ecosystem. It is a holistic e-learning environment, enabling quick creation of multimedia content by publishers and teachers and fast and easy access to them – online and offline.

Our educational ecosystem integrates authoring tools for editors and a content development tool for teachers, a content distribution platform, a fully-featured LMS, a dedicated app for offline content playback, and a wide selection of ready-made, easily localisable learning resources.

Years of experience

We combine traditional and modern learning approaches, making distance education effective and engaging. The whole Learnetic ecosystem enables effortless work in a thoughtfully prepared educational environment, offering the complete elearning experience on every level. We are trusted by students, schools, publishers and ministries of education in over 30 countries worldwide who test the reliability of our system everyday.