The mTalent SEN series as a remote therapy solution

About the SEN series

mTalent is a series of digital products supplemented with traditional teaching aids designed to support modern therapists and special educational needs educators. mTalent is an easy to localise HTML5-based solution that works on computers, smartphones and tablets regardless of the operating system and successfully combines traditional teaching methods with the latest interactive courseware and technology.

Field-proven technology – Logolandia Study Case

Monika Witasik, Logolandia, implemented SEN mTalent into her practice, working with the patients remotely.
Here’s what she has to say about both the mTalent series and the difficult situation caused by the global pandemic:

mTalent hands-on experience

Remote education proved to be a tremendous challenge for educators. Despite my broad interest in new technologies, I still found it difficult to conduct whole classes online. Until recently, I used all available ICT tools as a part of traditional schooling model. Unexpectedly, all therapy was to be relocated to the virtual world ‘overnight’.

The tools at my disposal did not meet all my expectations. I kept looking, exploring, trying new solutions. I spent a lot of time creating interactive tasks on my own. Eventually, I came across mTalent, tried the free demo lessons, and that was a game changer. From that moment on, remote logopedic therapy became a great pleasure for me and my pupils.

The whole content is very substantive, engaging and presented in an attractive way. What is of great importance to me is the fact that the mTalent resources guarantee a large number of repetitions of the same material, while the variety of interactive forms prevents the learner from feeling that the tasks relate to the same subject matter. After each task has been completed, there is humorous feedback thanks to which children know that they have completed the exercise correctly.

This information is communicated by means of a funny short animation that appears on the screen. The next feature that I personally find especially beneficial is the possibility of recording one’s voice, as it allows for self-correction. While working with multiple kids, it is possible to assign given exercises only to a specific child and track the progress of individual learners. 

Although I returned to the stationary work at the moment, I continue to work with mTalent. I can strongly recommend mTalent to anyone looking for a SEN solution. I believe that we shouldn’t keep children away from technology at any cost, but rather show them how to use technology in a way that is beneficial for them. And I trust that mTalent serves this purpose. All the more so that distance education, including Special Educational Needs, can stay with for long.

Complete SEN series

mTalent has been created for all learners, including children from corrective and teaching-compensatory classes and others dealing with specific learning difficulties. The complete series includes interactive learning materials divided into three separate products: 

Visual Perception: 600+ ePages
Auditory Perception: 600+ ePages
Difficulties in Handwriting: 800+ ePages


Talent Visual Perception is recognised as one of the best products in its category and as such was awarded the Special Prize in the BELMA 2019 competition announced during the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019.