Shared interactive lessons on TV & via LMS

Learnetic’s cooperation with TVN Discovery Polska

We are proud to announce that educational resources developed by Learnetic for Metro TV (TVN Discovery Polska, a part of Discovery, Inc.) have been published on the Polish instance of our educational platform and Learning Management System – mCourser – under the project.

Supporting secondary school students with LMS

The interactive learning content on history and biology, known from the program aired on Metro TV and Player (a streaming platform), will be released on a regular basis to help students prepare for the secondary school exit exam (the Matura exam). Provided learning materials are available free of charge.

Theory and revision

In accordance with the idea of the project, the theoretical part of a lesson is discussed on TV by an expert teacher who uses interactive slides to present a given subject. Subsequently materials on the same issue are published on the educational platform and available for everyone. This approach allows students to take advantage of a comprehensive learning experience, additionally enriched with interactive slides designed to give them the chance to check themselves in a friendly environment and an engaging way.

Show, don’t tell

It is believed that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why we focused on developing a solution that would help students understand and capture challenging and detailed problems in a pictorial and imaginative way – says Karolina Grochola, senior project manager at Learnetic, responsible for the creation of interactive resources for

Accessibile online and offline

What is also worth mentioning in regard to usability and helpfulness of the project is the fact that all learning resources can be also accessed offline via a dedicated mobile application – mLibro. This gives the students opportunities to learn whenever they prefer in the environment that works best for their individual needs.

Available interactive resources

Currently, secondary school students can revise their knowledge of biology, including the following topics:

  • cell division,
  • metabolism (enzymes),
  • viruses,
  • bacteria,
  • protists,

and history:

  • the modern era,
  • the Enlightenment,
  • selected topics on History of Poland.

Due to ongoing broadcast of subsequent episodes of, the list of published multimedia resources is still developing.

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