International Mathematical Kangaroo 2020 online

Mathematical Kangaroo 2020

We are pleased to announce that Learnetic became a technological partner of the Polish edition of the International Mathematical Kangaroo 2020 competition that took place from June 2nd through 4th. This year’s event was held remotely via – the Polish instance of the Learnetic’s educational platform and Learning Management System – mCourser.

About the competition

Mathematical Kangaroo is the biggest competition for students in the world, with millions of participants from almost fifty countries. The history of the contest dates back to 1991. Due to the temporary schools closure, the 2020 Polish edition was carried out online, for the first time ever.

Hosting the competition online

In order to launch this year’s edition of the competition the organizers of the event initiated cooperation with Learnetic, since our eLearning platform has been successfully used for hosting similar events in the recent years. A contest that is especially worth noting is ‘Bóbr’ – the largest free-of-charge IT competition with thousands of participants.

The number of participants of the revolutionary online edition exceeded 250 000. Many thanks to all students who took part in this event. 

Hosting that many registered users requires a safe environment. Read more about the security of users’ data in mCourser. 

How it’s done

mCourser is a comprehensive eLearning Platform (LMS) supporting Adaptive Learning and dedicated to delivering highly interactive educational eContent packages. It effectively supports educational processes and interactions between Teachers and Students. Thanks to the Contests feature, mCourser enables holding competitions, test or exams. In this mode Students are given exact time to complete a test on a basis of selected material from the eContent packages deployed in the platform.

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