mTalent SEN software is earning experts’ recognition all over the world!

mTalent SEN software is earning experts’ recognition all over the world!

Interactive, modern and highly effective: the mTalent SEN software is a fantastic resource to work with children with special needs in education and development. The series was created three years ago and has been earning recognition on the global market ever since. Recently the mTalent programs have just entered a final of the prestigious Bett Awards contest.

mTalent is a series of SEN software in the form of ready-made diagnostic-therapeutic tools containing thousands of interactive exercises. The programs have been designed to provide a modern-day teacher or a therapist with a wide range of materials and tasks tailored to work with children with special educational and developmental needs. The work with mTalent is focused on supporting children in reaching the ultimate goal in therapy – their success.

mTalent SEN software has gained popularity when one of the programs of the series (mTalent Visual Perception) won the special prize in BELMA 2019 contest (Best European Learning Materials Awards) granted by European Educational Publishers Group. The jury of the contest have declared that the biggest advantage of mTalent are extraordinary opportunities to individualize a therapeutic process on the basis of varied and complex exercises, which motivate children to work under the pretext of having fun.

In Poland, the whole series of mTalent programs won the grand award in the 18th edition of Child-friendly World Awards (Świat Przyjazny Dziecku) contest in the education category, organized by Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights (Komitet Ochrony Praw Dziecka). “Besides the fact that it is the thing needed particularly by a child, it is also the multimedia that is taken a great advantage of. I strongly recommend the suite of mTalent products” claims Dorota Zawadzka, the jury member.

This year mTalent courseware has received an honorable mention in the prestigious Bett Awards contest. The series has entered the grand final of ‘Special educational needs solutions’ category and competes with the best SEN software solutions from all over the world to win the main prize.

What is the key to success of the mTalent series? First of all, a modern and a methodical approach. Each of the programs is created by a team of highly experienced members (more than 30 years of experience), acting in cooperation with renowned specialists in the field and practicing therapists. The educational materials are validated on multiple levels and tested by schools and other educational institutions before the software is released on the market. mTalent responds to the direct needs of SEN educators and allow almost unlimited individualization of the therapeutic process.

What is more, the mTalent programs are easy to use thanks to modern technological solutions. The whole series is designed in HTML5 technology which enables launching materials on any device – PC, laptop, tablet, interactive board or monitor. The programs require no installation, so the therapist can use them wherever needed. Additionally, mTalent can be used both online and offline.

The mTalent series is more than advanced software supported by multimedia. Each program has a box version where the user will find traditional teaching aids: a methodic guide, helpful lesson plans and practical worksheets. Today the mTalent series includes twelve programs: for speech therapy, auditory and visual perception, including listening difficulties disorders; for mathematics, spelling, writing and reading difficulties, and for work with children on the autism spectrum.

Free demo versions of exercises are available on the website. The exercises, sorted into categories present the scope of the mTalent series and characteristics of exemplary tasks, and show how to use the worksheets. This way everyone can easily see why the mTalent programs created by Learnetic SA have gained such a great worldwide appreciation.