Covid-19 Response Champions – International Initiatives

Covid-19 Response Champions – International Initiatives

The jury of BETT Awards, one the world’s most prestigious educational competitions, announced the finalists and winners of the special category – “Covid-19 Response Champions – International Initiatives”. Its aim was to select the most interesting educational initiatives in response to school closures during epidemiological threat.
The website of BETT Awards organizers presents the descriptions of the shortlisted initiatives together with videos presenting each of the six best entries honored by the Jury of BETT Awards 2021. It is a real inspiration for educational and e-learning publishers, school aid manufacturers and other companies from the EdTech industry searching for ideas to adapt their measures in connection with the implementation of distance and hybrid learning during school closures. The finalists of the “Covid-19 Response Champions – International Initiatives” category are (click to watch video submissions):

The Jury decided to award two initiatives. The first prize went to the Light Art Club from Kenya. It brought together artists who have created murals seeking to educate people about the coronavirus in impoverished regions of the country. The drawings presented how to take care of hygiene and maintain social distance.

The special distinction with the “Highly Commended” title was awarded to Learnetic SA. During the school closures Learnetic:

  • coordinated the initiative of publishing free e-textbooks of various publishers and educational companies for the time of school lockdown,
  • created a series of e-conferences and webinars concerning the topics of distance education, e.g. about students with special educational needs, which in 3 months attracted over 40,000 teachers,
  • created interactive materials that were presented in an educational program on TV, and subsequently uploaded them on an educational platform for free (the students could do exercises simultaneously with the TV program),
  • shared a free authoring tool for creating interactive e-lessons, thanks to which teachers were able to create over 1,500 engaging e-lessons and share them with other educators,
  • successfully hosted the largest national school competition on a Learnetic LMS platform, thanks to which the preparations of nearly 250,000 students have not gone down the drain!
  • organized a variety of other actions discussed here (click).

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